Tuesday, June 21, 2005

monito inn =P

Hit ngayon ang 90's pinoy rock sa commercials ah...

Rivermaya's Ulan - Nescafe
Eraserheads' Tindahan ni Aling Nena - saang product nga ba 'to?

- - - - -

Heeey! I finally found a place to upload my vid clips from Admit One gigs! Pero naubusan kagad akong bandwidth (my bad, ehehe) so eto muna yung andun:

Monmon "Vanilla Ice" Lopez fronts for Twisted Halo!

To follow yung ibang Admit One scenes:
Mitch's (Sugarfree's drummer) song-and-dance version of Telepono
The Cambio Kids at Conspiracy ;)

My gig pics are there too, moved them all na from my Yahoo Photos :)

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jaemark said...

sun cellular ung aling nena