Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm broke but I'm happy

It's definitely the music that keeps me alive...

Ended a toxic day on a happy note. Baket toxic? Dahil sa sangkatutak na meetings and practices for Humanities Week. Baket happy? Because of these...

Flowerfish by Sheila and the Insects
Rhomboids by Monsterbot
Pinoy Ako by Various Artists
Greatest Hits by Hotdog

Astroboy Vol 1
The Flying House Vol 1
Super Book Vol 1
The Care Bears Vol 1

As Alanis said, "I'm broke but I'm happy..." Hahaha! I actually had extra bounce in my step after I splurged on those discs :P

Napakinggan ko na yung Flowerfish. Ang ganda! It's got the dark vibe of Manipulator, but it sounds more like Plastic Eyes, Static Mind.

Yung Rhomboids next palang na isasalang ko.

The Pinoy Ako CD is a compilation of Star Records recordings, though it's not the official soundtrack of Pinoy Big Brother. Here's the tracklisting:

1 - Pinoy Ako by Orange and Lemons (Theme song of Pinoy Big Brother)
2 - Bye Bye Na by Rico Blanco
3 - Gusto Kitang Makita by Session Road
4 - Jam by Kevin Roy and Cooky Chua
5 - Laklak by Gloc 9 with Dong Abay
6 - Humanda Ka by sandwich
7 - Next In Line by Stagecrew
8 - This Guy's In Love With You Pare by Chito Miranda
9 - Pangarap by Barbie's Cradle
10 - Huwag Ka Nang Umiyak by True Faith
11 - Kailanpaman by Kevin Roy
12 - Beep Beep by Michael Cruz
13 - Someday by Barbie's Cradle
14 - Cinderalla by Stagecrew

14 tracks for P150 - sulit di ba?

As for the Hotdog album, I bought that for a presentation, as well as enhanced music appreciation :P "Simply no place like Manila..."

Yung sa VCDs it too early for me to be experiencing my second childhood, considering that I'll be a quarter of a century old in two weeks? Hehehe :P

Haven't watched em yet, though I think these aren't the episodes I used to watch circa 1980s. Nasilip ko na kasi yung Astroboy Disc 1, it's subtitled in English, and the theme song is different from that in the 80's :(

Gusto ko rin sana bumili nung latest release ng System of a Down. Kaso the P450 tag price always keeps me away from foreign CDs. Sa P500 kasi, dalawang local CDs na yun eh.

Btw, ang ganda nung album art ng Flowerfish and Rhomboids. Digipack pa so astig ;)

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jem said...

uy, ok yung shiela and the insects. i have special love for their song fallin.