Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Marty unplugged

Rockstar:INXS 08/10/05 Personal Recap

Suzie: Losing My Religion, REM
Wow, I loved the way she did that song! Pwedeng i-release as a remake, astig ng pagka-arrange! Suzie owes JD for that, hehehe.

Mig: All Right Now, Free
And MiG rocks as usual. Is there any song he can't do well? Haaay, sana talaga manalo siya! I mean, he's so right for the band diba? :D

JD: Crazy, Seal
No comment really. Nothing particularly bad nor good about his performance this week. What he did well this week was to advise Suzie about her performance. Good guy effect, hehehe.

Jessica - Come As You Are, Nirvana
Jessica prematurely celebrated when Dave said it was the best he's seen her...and then he added that it was in terms of her STYLE :P So basically, she looked great, but her performance sucked. And the guys of INXS agreed. So do I. Tancha ko bye-bye Jessica na 'to, unless someone else screws up tonight.

Jordis: Layla, Eric Clapton
Ehehehe, whoops, she almost dropped the mic :P Hmmm, she kinda looked lost tonight, I wonder why. (By the way, she just celebrated her 23rd birthday. Man, this young gal's waaay cool beyond her years.)

Brandon: It's All Over Now, Rolling Stones
Brandon is definitely in his element kapag classic rock. INXS, however, said they were looking for Brandon's element as part of INXS. I don't think he'll be in the bottom three tomorrow night, although I don't think he'll last long in the contest either.

Marty: Mr. Brightside, The Killers
Ngi, Marty unplugged 10 minutes before the performance, hehehe. I wonder how the house band felt about that. It was good though, and Dave and INXS actually loved it. I loved Marty's shirt, hehehe. Hindi siya ka-gwapuhan, but I find him attractive. Maybe it's because he's got this blond rocker/Kurt Cobain thing going. And I still can't pinpoint who he reminds me of, although my sister's mentioned Ralph Fiennes...prolly because of the nose :P

Deanna: Long Train Running, The Doobie Brothers
Yup yup, she did work the room. Kaso lang it was only her performance last week that caught my attention. I do agree that she oughtta try something different.

* After commenting that he wants to see Deanna sing something without belting it out, Kirk gets inspired by Marty's performance and says that they'll prolly have an all-acoustic round next week. Hmmm, interesting.

* Ang daming kanta this week na ngayon ko lang nalaman na yun pala title and artist nun :P

Ty: No Woman, No Cry, Bob Marley
Wow, he got a standing ovation from everyone in the room... Good for him, after how he did last week. Still, I don't think he's the guy INXS is looking for.

* Aba, nagpakita sila ng early results before the show ended. As of the show's end, it was Jessica, Brandon, and Deanna at the bottom three. Sabi ko na eh, Jessica'll get the boot this time. Let's see tomorrow night.

From the Rockstar:INXS official website:
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Explore the site, vids of all the performances from Week 1 are there. Lotsa info about the contestants too. Hehe, addict eh noh :P


jona said...

haaaah! fellow-addict. although i always miss the results show kasi confusing yung time. yung performance lang mahalaga sa akin e =)hindi sa biased ako pero feeling ko talaga si mig yung pinaka-fit for inxs. i also like marty pero i can't see him fronting for inxs coz he's too alt rock. gusto ko rin si jordis pero parang dapat mag solo career na lang siya imbes na sa band. . . dapat talaga si jessica naalis instead of brandon. . . i have a feeling guy votes nagpa-stay sa kanya. . . and will somebody give brooke burke a skirt?!?

- d a c s - said...

Hehehehe yeah Rockstar INXS rules! :P Tho medyo dumadalas na di ako nakakapanood. Either I'm not yet home, or I'm too tired to wait for the show so tulog kaagad :D

Hated Brooke Burke's boots the last ep >:P