Sunday, September 25, 2005

Check out the Silver Shiny Jeepney

Hey folks! There's a great new indie album out there that you just gotta check out.

Silver Shiny Jeepney: An All Indie Band Compilation

Silver Shiny Jeepney: An All Indie Band Compilation
(Released by Alpha Music Corporation)

1. Party Song - Coffee Break Island
2. You Make Me - Eheads
3. Bihag - Imago
4. Inaasahan - Melancholics
5. Kahit Na - Bridge
6. Jive - Fat Elephant
7. Brownskin People - 18th Issue
8. Di Ko Na Alam - A.D.D.
9. For the Moment - Squall
10. Hey Body Rock - Hemp Republic
11. Hello My Friends, Hello - Bleud
12. Palm Of My Hand - Cattski
13. Traffic - Bob Balingit
14. Kusina - Narda
15. Damn - Centerfold
16. High - Matilda
17. I Wanna Know - Brownbeat Allstars
18. Fried Brain - Moyg
19. You're Always Right - Monsterbot
20. Come On - Neighbors

- - - - -

Yup, you read it right. There's an Eheads song up there. Check out the write-up for "You Make Me" (w/ streaming video, as of July 2005) at! This song was part of the EP that the Heads released, entitled "Please Transpose" (I'd LOVE to have a copy of this), with Kris Dancel as frontwoman. Eheads pa talaga sila nun, hindi pa Cambio, and Diego and Ebe weren't there yet.

There's also a track there by A.D.D. ("Di Ko Na Alam"), a side-project by David Aguirre (Razorback) and Wolf Gemora (Wolfgang) when they were both still based here in the Philippines. Another A.D.D. track, "House of Lies", is now being performed by Lokomotiv in the States. Lokomotiv is Basti Artadi and Wolf Gemora (Wolfgang), David Aguirre, and Danny Gonzales (a Mexican-American), and is based in the States. They've been rockin out there for quite some time now (even fronting for PNE during their US tour, I believe); I can't wait for them to release an album (which, hopefully, would find its way to Philippine shores).

Basta check out the disc, lots of great indie acts out there. Some of them are Manila-based, may mga taga-Cebu (like Cattski - great band!), and there even are Fil-Am acts based abroad. Sulit ang P250 :)

And, of course, wag sana itong ipirata ng mga magnanakaw na yan ;)

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Kermit said...

Amen to that! I have the same CD! Hail to Indies out there!