Friday, September 23, 2005

Happy birthday

(Bad trip ang haba na nung pinost ko tas nawala...)

My first ever entry here was after my birthday week last year, and I was raving about Admit One.

A year later, I'm still talking about the same old stuff, the same gig that I love to pieces :D

Spent my birthday weekend at Saguijo with Andrew to catch Chubibo at the September Admit One gig. Finally I got to catch a Chubibo bar gig. And, after 11 years, I again felt like the Pisay freshie idolizing those Batch95 guys - Monsi, Ryan/Doc, Nico.

For those who don't know em yet, Chubibo is Monsi Simon on guitars, Doc Urbino on bass, Nico Pineda on drums, and Irene Tan on vocals.

Monsi, Doc, and Nico were seniors when I first stepped into Pisay. Kuya Nico was the president of SAMAPI, ang Samahan ng mga Manunugtog ng Pisay. I was a member of that org, and now I am its adviser :D Also, these guys bands (Monsi with Killer Kamatis, and Doc and Nico in Studfarm - tama nga ba?) were the most rocking SAMAPI folks back then. Tas nung seniors na kami sa Pisay, I vividly remember Doc on vocals AND guitars doing The Black Crowes' Hard to Handle during a SAMAPI gig sa 4th floor Audi - I've loved that song ever since. Nang matapos yung gig na yun, sinamba ng mga batchmates ko yung gitarang hiniram ni Doc - umaapoy pa nga ata yun sa tindi ng tugtog ni Doc eh.

So now, seeing them with their cute vocalist Irene (who, by the way, is from Assumption) rocking out venues left and right, I'm just so proud to have been a little sister to these guys, lalo na si Kuya Monsi na kasa-kasama pa namin sa backlobby or caf na sumagad sa 7:30 dorm curfew.

Doc on bass

Monsi on guitars

Nico on drums

Chubibo, with Irene on vocals

The other guest band was Join the Club. It was my first time to see them - ang galing nila! And according Manong Vin, dami raw nagsabi na Join the Club sana yung nanalo sa 2004 Muziklaban.

Speaking of Vin, he proudly told me last Saturday na dalawang buwan na siyang yosi-free. Astig :D

Twisted Halo
Twisted Halo

At siyempre, hindi mawawala dito ang pagprofess ko ng aking undying love and support for *that* band. Astig ng Twisted Halo! :D Their new drummer, Abe Billano - formerly of Cagayan de Oro's Nuncyspungen - has definitely made his mark on Halo music. Though I really miss seeing Monmon with Halo, watching Abe do his stuff last Saturday made me realize that indeed he's the man for the job. May bago nang edge sa Halo sound dahil kay Abe.

So the rest of September's Admit One pics are here. Happy birthday ulit kina Diego Mapa (Cambio/Monsterbot/Pedicab), Kris Dancel (Cambio/Fatal Posporos), Jason Caballa (Twisted Halo/Pedicab), and Heidi (kahit di ko siya kilala, hehe) :D


markku said...

Ryan used to play guitar, right?

- d a c s - said...

He still does, dun sa banda niyang The Brew.