Monday, September 26, 2005

Rockstar pa rin

Still hung up on Rockstar:INXS, I guess :P

30 Greatest Rockstar Moments
Visit the official website of Rockstar:INXS for a recap of the show's
30 greatest moments (puro Marty and MiG yan hehe).

Visit the official website of
Lovehammers, the Chicago band fronted by Marty Casey.
MiG Ayesa's
official website is finally up. I've been checking on this since Rockstar:INXS started. Do check out the vidclips part, may cute RayBan commercial dun si MiG :P
For vidclips and mp3s from the show, check out

- - - - -

Singit lang. A funny hirit from my Andrew as he lamented the contest piece he had to sing sa isang duets contest nila sa Xavier School: "Hindi pa ko rockstar, sellout nako :( "

Di bale, Drew and his partner tied for 2nd place naman, hehehe.

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