Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Asti's garden

I dreamed of Asti last night (actually morning na ata nun). I was aware that she had died, but I wasn't aware I was dreaming. I was just happy that I got to hug her one last time.

This was a pic I took of her last February 2004. This place at the back of our house is now known as Asti's garden, because that's the final resting place of her ashes (yep, we had her cremated). The burial was quite sad, but gave us some closure. We even threw pieces of Blue Skies crackers (her ultimate favorite) into her grave, much like us humans would throw flowers into a loved one's grave.

I miss her the most at night. She was my constant companion around the house. Wala nakong pinanggigigilan at kinukulit pag bored ako.

- - - - -

Currently tripping on these CDs:

Robin William's INTENSIVE CARE
I'm getting to like this more with every listen

Cynthia Alexander's COMET'S TAIL
I like it so far, but I more easily appreciated Rippingyarns

The Itchyworms' NOON TIME SHOW

Sugarfree's SA WAKAS
Minahal ko na naman itong CD na 'to after going to that ATC gig

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