Thursday, November 17, 2005

Toxic na 'to

Oh wow, things are getting hectic (and here I am blogging). Can't wait 'til Christmas vacation.

- - - - -

My crushes in the news:

Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash
Matthew McConaughey as People Mag's Sexiest Man Alive (2005)

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Ansaya nung Tagaytay weekend ko with my coursemates sa Ateneo! Got to spend last weekend with the MEMsters (Masters in Environmental Management) at Cellar Mansions in Tagaytay. Got to meet folks from earlier batches, and got to spend time with the Batch 4 peeps (my batch). Isang gabing puro kain, kanta, at kwento. At mumu. Hehe, sabi nila. Pero wala naman akong nakita ;)

With MEMfolks naman sa Viewsite (ulit!), Tagaytay.

- - - - -

As I said, it's gonna be hectic from now on. Every Saturday hereon will be spent at Ateneo for my masters classes (9am-4pm). Kaya yung mga make-up classes sa Pisay na Sabado ay Long Test nalang para sa mga students ko, hehehe :D And maybe for the next 3 Sundays (SANA!), I'll still be in Pisay to watch my batchmates try to finally get that Championship title for the Pisay Alumni Basketball League *cross fingers*

Next week alone is HELL WEEK. Four whole days training for the GLOBE Program (so I won't get to meet my students), and then 6-9pm classes at the Ateneo. Ayuz.

And we've only got 2 weeks left to finish the coverage for the 3rd quarter. Sabi nga nung mga bata info overload na raw sila. Hehehe.

Will be attending the PSBMB convention to be held at the Ateneo on Dec 1-2. At pag natapos na ang classes sa Pisay, I'm pretty sure may mga requirements to submit sa Masters. Plus that workshop I'll be conducting for BIOTA sa UP mga 2nd week December.


Who's complaining? Not me ;)

Sana lang maka-gig parin ako, especially sa 19th or 26th, kasi celebration ng 4th anniv ng pinakamamahal kong prod - ADMIT ONE. Or maybe the NU Rock Awards on Dec 2 - pero may klase kinabukasan. Pati rin ba yung MTV HIV/AIDS summit? Kakanta daw dun si MiG Ayesa eh, hehehe. Nah, too many people to deal with - not my type of gig.

Sana naman di ako magkasakit sa lahat ng ito :P

Gusto ko tuloy bumalik ng Tagaytay. Or maybe go to Baguio (I miss Baguio!). Or pwede narin sa beach. Basta getaway, hehehe.

- - - - -

Almost got to see Constantine kanina sa Greenbelt. Met up with my parents and sis after my rents watched Goblet of Fire (which I haven't seen yet!) then had dinner sa Greenbelt 3. Kaso we were done na by 7:45 (8 darating si Constantine) so umuwi na kami.

Planning to go to ATC nalang tomorrow. Sana di ako tamarin hehe.


marie =] said...

"Kakanta daw dun si MiG Ayesa eh, hehehe. Nah, too many people to deal with - not my type of gig." -- what do you call the people in the Constantine gig? Konti yun??? Hehehehe!

- d a c s - said...


At least I didn't have to *deal* with them kasi kuntento nako sa 3rd floor lang ako (besides, sa 3rd floor yung entrance ni Con so I got to see him up close still).

But if that's gonna ba MiG, I MUST see him up close! Hehehe.

Tsaka may Viva Hot Babes dun sa MTV gig eh. Wag na.