Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Eminem's curtain call?

Finally got to surf and watch TV after quite some time...

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Meron palang "cup stacking", now formally known as "sport stacking"? Watch the
2004 World Sport Stacking Videos, astig!

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Argh...another CD on my to-buy list...

Eminem's latest release "Curtain Call" is rumored to be his last. Pangalan pa lang nung album eh.

Yep, that's right. I'm an Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers fan. And I discovered him through NU107, hehehe. Back in the day when they were playing Kid Rock on NU (sidenote: just discovered Em appeared on Kid Rock's album - mahagilap nga yung CD na yun), they also started playing Eminem's "My Name Is" (if I remember right). Which kinda puzzled me kasi hiphop yun diba?

Anyways, first Em album I bought was The Marshall Mathers LP. After pa nun ko binili yung Slim Shady LP. Bad trip lang kasi censored version na yun - all the cuss words were blanked out, and that was quite a lot, hehe.

I also have The Eminem Show, but I never got to buying Encore. And now Curtain Call is out. Ang mahal kasi ng foreign albums eh :( And, no, I don't wanna download the whole album instead. I put a premium on owning the CD and getting to see its inlay and stuff. (If you were collecting stamps or coins, would you want a fake one in your set?)

Just saw the video for "When I'm Gone" this evening. Three months after Em says
he's not retiring, he releases an album called "Curtain Call" with a carrier single called "When I'm Gone." So ano na kaya talaga?

Napa-search tuloy ako and I ended up on his
official website, which has an interesting concept these days. Check it out.

I also stumbled upon his
biography on Yahoo.com. An interesting read; galing nung author kasi nacompress niya into a couple of paragraphs yung napakakulay na buhay ni Marshall Mathers. Read it to find out bakit nga ba may Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady, and Eminem.

Eminem's one of the few hiphop artists I appreciate. I love the way he uses words and rhymes. Ang galing niya magkuwento through his songs. Nevermind the cuss words - his songs really do have substance. You just have to be open-minded to appreciate the sarcasm (and anger) in most of them. And I love the way he loves his daughter, Hailie. And how he hates his wife Kim - I like that just because it got him to make amusing songs like "Kim" from the Slim Shady EP (Note: They're back together again. And they might
remarry. Ngi). And his videos rock, except for the latest one - masyadong literal yung pag-direct.

I'm getting the album - whenever my funds will permit. Pero siyempre dapat Encore meron din ako hehehe. Is it too late for a Christmas wishlist? :D

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