Friday, December 16, 2005

Pisay rocks out Mag:Net Cafe


Finally, I get to watch a Sajama bar gig.

Sajama is my co-teacher Lod's band with his Pisay batchmates. Antagal na niya akong niyayayang manood but I always have to pass up kasi weekday at wala akong way home to Paranaque. Buti nalang bakasyon na sa Pisay, and Genie - a family friend (the reason I went to Pisay) and Lod's batchmate - would be watching too so I'd have a ride home. Kasama rin namin si Ame (another Pisay grad, co-teacher and MEM classmate), who came from class sa Ateneo. Sayang wala si Mel (yet another Pisay grad, co-teacher, and MEM classmate hehe).

Lod's other band, which includes Brass Munkeys (and former Brownbeat Allstars) drummer and Sajama mentor Jay Alviar, is World Citizen. That Lee's Night was their debut gig. Galing. They're a David Sylvian cover band, at kahit di ko kilala si David Sylvian na-appreciate ko naman yung tugtog nila (I'm a sucker for violins anyway).

A pleasant surprise for that evening was Chubibo. I didn't know they were playing, so I was doubly glad that I went to that gig when I saw the sign outside Mag:Net Katipunan listing the bands playing for the night.

And Irene (vocalist) recognized me from when we invited them to play at Samapi's Battle of the Bands. Man, that girl can definitely move onstage. Even if I don't like her Kitchie-style vocals (they're ok really, personal preference lang talaga), I still enjoy watching her front Chubibo. Galing.

Btw, Live Tilapia has Tado (of Strangebrew and noontime show fame) on guitars and vocals (vocals ba yun? hehe). Their first song was called "Blah". I guess you can guess the lyric(s) of that song :P I was outside talking to the Chubiboys though during their set so di ko masyado napanood. Two songs lang naman ata eh.

Napadaan pa kaming Maskipaps at Engg after since Sajama was slated to play at 12:30, though when we got there matagal pa pala tugtog nila. Genie and I left not long after, as I had to make it to my 2am curfew.

All in all, it was a fun night. Natuwa ako na "Pisay night" din pala siya, what with Sajama '94 and Chubibo '95 rocking Mag:Net Cafe. Astig talaga Pisay =)

- - - - -

And yeah, after all these years, I'm still a fangirl (Diba Faye/Che?) :P

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