Monday, December 05, 2005

Surveys galore

Don't mind me. I'm just reposting my Friendster surveys here for future reference (basta).

- - - - -

now officially known as Philippine Science High School Main Campus


sections 1st-4th:
1st year - Topaz miracle workers
2nd year - Camia sutra
3rd year - Beryllium paskorus champs (hehehe)
4th year - Electron pitts ;)

nicknames in HS:
Dacxs. yes, w/ that corny X. So highschool noh? :D
Meron ding Elena, Dacky, Duckynanay, Dacxsus (Sus kasi genus name ng pig...)

average grade:
good enough to stay in Pisay ;D


SAMAPI! singit sa Astrosoc (oo na Faye, Tseri, hindi nga ako member. but it's in my yearbook hahaha)

who are ur best friends in HS?
Dead Asses Society, Invictus '98, Be- (belectron) folks

ano-ano ang usual topics ofdiscussion w/ ur friends?
CRUSHES! diba Faye? 7:25 p.m. hehetsaka labrep din pala (pisay folks of today, the labreps back then were 10x more agonizing than what you have now!)

favorite tambayan/s?
backlob, senior's table sa caf

favorite merienda/lunch?
jollibee yumburger, happy peanuts, choco butternut donut

hobbies sa classroom?
kumuha ng pics (film pa nun!), matulog (diba sandy? haha!)

ano ang kadalasang ginagawa mo after dismissal?
tambay sa backlob. crush-stalking. people-watching.

nag-dissect ba kayo?
[tahong, hito, pig's heart at walang kamatayang palaka] yami, hito lang naaalala ko diyan ah hehe. hindi namatay palaka ninyo? LOL

sumasali ka ba sa quiz bees?
the aussie ones hehehe

eh sa sports activities?

sa school beauty contests?
binibining pisay lang meron eh...for the guys hehe

favorite subject/s?
socsci kay sir curaming. english kay ma'am oble. bio and chem in general. electives ko - microbio kay ma'am docto, cellbio kay sir EJ

hated subject/s?
MATH!!! (hahaha hi Mardan)

favorite teacher/s?
(but not necessarily fave subj hehe) ma'am tenorio, sir dickerson, sir EJ, sir talaue, ma'am oble, sir curaming. sir RC!!! (sir yes sir!)

hated teacher/s?
hate is such a strong word. but do you '98 folks remember ma'am... (hehe sabay ganun eh)

ano rank mo sa CAT at the end of the year?
staff sergeant

sino CAT commandant nyo?
Sir Lasaleta

eh corps commander nyo?
Jun Saturay aka Jimi Hendrix '98

kasali ka ba sa varsity?
for one grading period hahahaha (kasalanan ng geom and comsci!)

favorite field trip?

kamusta naman ang prom?
ayuz lang

may ka-date ka ba nung prom?

sinu-sino crush mo nung HS?
sinu-sino is the correct term! :P yeah, especially kuya mutch and batchmates hehehe

nasa friends list mo ba sila?
ay oo nga ano...

did you take the UPCAT?

nakapasa ka naman sa UPCAT?
syemps (naks)

first choice mo ba campus mo?
uh huh

most memorable HS moment?
buong stay ko sa Pisay hehehe

best thing about HS?
[it builds character and u meet lots of people that you'll treasure] wow, how do you top that? :P tsaka nakilala ko si Drew. woohoo

worst thing about HS?
CRAMMING. settling for mediocrity (pwede na yan attitude)

best year in HS?
each year had its moments eh

given the chance to relive your HS days..ano babaguhin mo?
would've taken my studies MORE SERIOUSLY. sayang eh.

what items from the present will u bring w/u?
digicam :P

did you enjoy high school?
wachatink?! bumalik lang naman ako sa pisay at nagturo doon eh noh

did you enjoy this survey?i'm a sucker for anything highschool, as you can see

- - - - -

1.Name someone with the same birthday as you:
-- nung gradeschool ako 3 kaming magkabirthday sa class. si ivan pavlov (scientist) din tsaka sam neill (actor) ka-birthday ko.

2. Where was your first kiss?
-- somewhere around the corner around the bend

3. Have you ever seriously vandalized
-- i wouldn't consider it SERIOUS hehe

4. Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex?
-- as in, palo? can't recall hehe

5. Have you ever sang in front of a large numberof people?
-- tried to :D

6.Whats the first thing you notice about theopposite/same sex?
-- appeal/dating

7.What do you usually order from starbucks?
-- tall iced latte with caramel syrup

8. What is your biggest mistake:
-- not taking certain things seriously

9. Have you ever hurt yourself on purpose?
-- yep. i've got psychotic tendencies *evil grin*

10. Say something totally random about you:
-- i can sleep or stay awake for looong hours

11. Has anyone ever said you looked like acelebrity?
-- kahawig ko raw si armi ng updharmadown hehe. must be the hair.

12. Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows?
-- nangongolekta nga ako ngayon ng flying house/superbook/astroboy/carebears VCDs eh :P

13. Did you have braces?
-- nope. but my parents think i should have.

14. Are you comfortable with your height?
-- pwede na

15. What is the most romantic thing someone ofthe opposite sex has done for you?
-- si ano, vinandal sa bubong ng frontlobby walk yung pangalan ko. si ano, he learned a song sa guitar and played it for me. (you folks know who you are hehe)

16. 1 word that replace aikido?
-- huh?

17. Do you speak any other language?
-- gibberish

18. Have you ever been to a tanning salon?
-- ano naman mapapala ko dun???

19. What magazines do you read?
-- kahit ano but mostly music mags

2o. Have you ever ridden in a limo?
-- nope

21. Has anyone you were really close with passedaway?
-- was with my lolo when he passed away

22. Do you watch mtv?
-- most of the time na sinipag akong mag-TV

23. What's something that really annoys you?
-- when the going gets tough and murphy tags along

24. What's something you really like?

25. Do you like Michael Jackson?
-- yes hehehe

26. Can you dance?
-- ugh

27. What's the latest you have ever stayed up?
-- no basis kasi wala akong biological clock na kinikilala hehe

28. Have you ever thought that you were honestly going to die?
-- nope

29. Have you ever been rushed by an ambulance into the emergency room?
-- nope

3o. Do you actually read these when other peoplefill them out?
-- read what? :D

- - - - -

1.What did you eat today?
* breakfast: 2 pieces of bread and coffee, while driving to Ateneo
lunch: 4 pieces of siomai, before my 1-4pm class. and then bopis and adobong sitaw at rodic's at around 4:30pm.
dinner: none. busog pa ko from "lunch" eh hehe

2: If you are given a chance, where would youlike to study?
* somewhere Europe? no idea really. ah, yeah! harvard kaya?!

3: And why is that so?
* dahil sa With Honors hehehe

4: How are you feeling now?
* puyat (feeling ba yun?)

5: When was the last time you cried?
* when Asti my doggie died more than a month ago (though i think i shed a tear for cedric diggory, hehe)

6: Who is in your mind?
* MiG Ayesa - kelan ko ba siya makikita in person?! :(

7: Are you a sensitive person?
* ouch naman

8: Do you wanna get married?
* now na, pwede?

9: Describe love.
* love is a four-letter word. yehesss, that's so grade school hahaha

10: What will you do after this?
* surf some more (but i got LOTS to check!)

11: Where will you be after exam?

* may exam?!

12: Who is your soulmate?
* i dunno if i understand or believe in that term

13: Are you happy with your life?
* yes, but it could definitely be better

14: Ever been heartbroken?
* yeah, pero kababawan lang yun (high school crushes hehe)

15: Current fear?
* screwing my job up real badly. or my grad studies. or dying before i can give my students grades. hehehe. (seriously, naiisip ko yan!)

16: Favourite stuff?
* food (obvious ba). doggies (i miss my asti!). the local bandscene.

17: Who would you like to be like?
* most of the people around me - my rents and sibs, my co-teachers, my classmates - sobrang mga achievers, naiinggit ako

18:What will you do if someone proposes to younow?
* i do hope the someone is Andrew, else, that would be really weird

19:Where will you be standing in 10 years time?
* on a stage in a bar, rockin the place out (i can dream, can't i?)

20:When was the last time you said I love you?
* around 2 hours ago

21: Last topic you studied?
* the philippine clean air act. yehesss...

22: Latest facial wash you are using?
* Eskinol. idol ko si KC eh LOL

23: handphone brand?
* a hand-me-down nokia, but i've been eyeing sony ericssons for the longest time now

24: Honeymoon spot?
* beach siguro?

25: Last place you visited?
* pisay (it's my second home - really)

25: Waiting for a miracle to happen?
* yep. world peace.

26: What are you wearing now?
* ugh, now that you've reminded me, still in my school clothes (the usual shirt, jeans, sneakers) :P

27: Feeling homesick?
* i AM home

28: Last person you kissed?
* my parents

29: Do you believe in God?
* i hope so

30: Song that is playing in your mind?
* piece of my heart (janis joplin), na kinanta ni deanna sa rockstar:inxs (super rock out song!)

31: favourite subject at school?
* bio syemps

32: do you hate anyone?
* hate is such a strong word

33: last person you talked to on the phone?
* Andrew

34: favourite ice cream flavour?
* dark choco!!!

35: last drink you drank?
* nescafe dark (yung nasa can)

36: say something about yourself
* rocker stalker

37: say something about the guy/gal you like.
* nasa stag party ngayon (grrr)

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