Thursday, January 12, 2006

Anywhere with you

Urbandub, from the album "Embrace"

Parked car
This night sky
Makes city lights shine like diamonds
Our song plays on the radio

We’re living it up
Make this night ours
We own the world
I wish this lasts forever
Alone with you tonight
Further in you feels so right

I’m giving it up and just a little more
This heartfelt leap I surrender
With arms raised tonight

Drive me away
'cause the night just feels right
take me away with you tonight
anywhere with you

Our song plays on…
Parked car, night sky
Alone with you tonight…

- - - - -

Embrace - Urbandub's 3rd album - is beautiful. Influence will always be my favorite, but this latest one has its own merits - like Lalay's noticeable back-up vocals. That gal really rocks. And, yeah, you just gotta love Gabby's songwriting (...and dimples...and scar) ;)

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