Monday, January 23, 2006

Astig ka Pacquiao!

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"In the Philippines, it's like time stops when he fights," said Valerie Nicolas, a native Filipina who now lives in Oakland, Calif..."No one is suffering, no one is worried, no one is tired. Our president can't even unite the people like that, but [Pacquiao] can."

Pacquiao embodies the idea of a true people's champion because so many Filipinos identify with him, says Edgar Badajos, spokesman for the Philippines Consulate in New York. "He comes from a poor family, but because of his determination and fighting spirit, he was able to reach the top," Badajos said. "The light in the country is not so bright. In the rural areas, you can see large swatches of poverty. Many live below the poverty line. They see Manny as a symbol of hope. Maybe they, too, can do something to improve their lives."

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