Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rock to the Rescue!

Para kay Gelyn 'to!


A Pisay Alumni Jamfest
and Benefit Gig for Gelyn Fabro

Pisay Gym
01 April 2006 (Saturday), 4pm

Featuring bands with our beloved Pisay alumni:
Ice Cream Monday (Batch 2005)
Deltajoy (Batch 2001)
Purplechickens (Batch 2001)
Highbeam (Batch 1997)
The Brew (Batch 1995)
Inhaler (Batch 1994)
Sajama (Batch 1994)
Romeo Lee and the Brown Briefs (multibatch)
Whatevurittakes (multibatch)

With special guests:
Datu's Tribe

= = = = =

Pisay folks, please encourage your batchmates to watch or at least buy tickets for this gig. Tulong na natin ito para kay Gelyn.

For a backgrounder on her case, check out the official bulletins:
Official Bulletin # 1
Official Bulletin # 2
Official Bulletin # 3

Gelyn was discharged from the hospital last 17 March 2006. Let us continue to pray for her recovery. Donations of cash or kind are still being accepted; please refer to the bulletins above to know through whom you can course your donations. Maraming salamat!

= = = = =

Who wants to help me sell tickets?

Tickets are already available for pre-event selling (so we can generate cash ASAP!). Please do try to buy one, or convince your batchmates to buy tickets even if they may not be able to attend the event itself. We're still raising funds for Gelyn, and this is one simple way you can help.

But of course it would be loads cool if you would go to the gig itself because this is the first ever (correct me if I'm wrong, though) Pisay alumni gig! And non-Pisay bands Lahi and Datu's Tribe have also been kind enough to perform at this benefit gig too! So wateryuweytingpor? Go get em tickets! Now na! (Ang daming !!! naman!!!)

I am willing to meet up with ticket sellers/buyers at the following places*:
1. Pisay (9am-3pm, M-F)
2. UP Diliman (after work, M-F)
3. Glorietta (after work, M-F)
4. BF Homes Paranaque or thereabouts (whatever sked we could work out)
* I hope we come up with nice schedules though para di masyadong paisa-isa yung mga immeet ko :)

For us to meet up, you could either:
1. text me if you know my number, or
2. email me at (though I can't promise I'd be online everyday)
3. leave a message for me (Ms. Dacanay, Bio Unit) at the PSHS CISD office: 924 0661

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