Thursday, May 18, 2006

Go Elliott!

"I'm just a counter clerk at a pharmacy. I've been waiting my whole life for a shot like this." The humbleness of Elliott's statements sums up perfectly why so many fans have rallied behind him.
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was a bittersweet goodbye. It was so nice to see the support of his hometown. It must've been a very humbling experience for him, and one helluva roadtrip for his mom. Kitang-kita kay Elliott yung gratitude of having this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

And those figures! 33.06%, 33.26%, and 33.68%. The votes were practically split EQUALLY. Sa 1% lang sila nagkalabanan. Just goes to show that the American people think that all of them do deserve to go to the finals.

I still think it's anybody's game. Taylor may have the upper hand, but Kat's voters are as unpredictable as her performances. I'd be happier if Taylor wins.

What we all have to realize is that American Idol is a POPULARITY contest. It really isn't just about talent, marketability, showmanship. It's all that, and more. Millions of voters in America have various things on their mind when they vote. Some vote because they recognize talent when they see it. Good for them. But there are also those that vote because they think the person is hot. It's their prerogative.

The sad part about these things is how fans can get so rabid, they lash out at other contestants and the contestant's fans as well (name-calling and stuff - how gradeschool). Or the fans get so egotistic that they think their opinion is so much more important and well-informed that those of other fans. Respeto lang sana. Nakakalungkot kasi magbasa ng mga forums, to see how the posters diss each other and their most-hated contestants. Though I must admit it can be quite amusing :P

Now somebody sign Elliott and Chris please! And make sure their CDs reach the Philippines!

As for Kat and Taylor - may the real American Idol win, whatever "American Idol" means. Personally, I'm for Taylor ;)

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Some Elliott links: - by Elliot's family and friends - lots of pics and info - Elliott audio

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Something I read at So true about Elliott.

When Elliott Yamin was later eliminated from the show by only the slimmest of margins, he handled himself with the dignity and grace befitting a champion. Ryan Seacreast said “This is not I’m sorry. This is congratulations for doing what you have done. The top three on this show.” Seacrest also led the audience in a round of applause for Elliott’s mom, and his mom said “I love you Elliott.” Elliott’s exit video also tugged on the heart strings as he told the camera “I’m just a counter clerk at a pharmacy. I’ve been waiting my whole life for a shot like this.” The humbleness of Elliott’s statements sums up perfectly why so many fans have rallied behind him. Elliott might be gone from the American Idol competition, but it is only the beginning for him.

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I love Chris Daughtry, but I was more saddened by Elliott's departure (siguro kasi SHOCK yung naramdaman ko nung kay Chris hahaha!). The guy was a superb singer, a devoted son, and a just really a kind-hearted guy. He was real. I wish him luck with the wonderful career that he is about to begin.

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