Friday, May 12, 2006

This ain't goodbye for Chris Daughtry

Sabi ko na ayoko na manood eh.

AI Season 5 hit the Top 4, I knew I'd be hating the Results Show, because I like all of them.

From my co-teacher Ninna's prodding, I've been reading stuff from lately, and their predictions hit it right on the dot:

"In all likelihood though, Taylor Hicks will be safe, and it will come down to Elliott Yamin and Chris Daughtry. All the pressure is going to be on Elliott Yamin, but Chris Daughtry can’t afford to play it safe. If Chris loses his voice again like he did last week with “I Dare You,” then he could very well find himself on a fast plane back to North Carolina. Chris Daughtry should not take any chances and should go for broke in his performance, because an inspired performance by Elliott Yamin could lead to an upset." (Elliot DID deliver. And how!)

Another interesting thing I came across was from, who mentioned that the Shock Elimination is coming up soon:

"Now whether or not something is “shocking” is really a matter of perspective:

Most shocking: Soul Patrol (considered the one with the most fans — but did they vote?)

Moderately shocking: Daughtry (will the powers that be let go of the chosen one?)

Somewhat shocking: E-Train (with regards to last night’s performance, yes — with regards to elimination predictability pecking order, no)

Questionably shocking: McPheever (being the weakest on Elvis night, fans will easily accept this result — unless you were brainwashed a couple of weeks ago that Katharine had once upon a time the most number of votes) "

I only blogged about AI5 once before,
where I mentioned who my favorites were, but I've been religiously following the show this season (the only other time was when there were Filipina contestants).

Here I am again to talk about AI, and I'm here to express my disappointment. I like the Top 4, and I (thought I) was ready to see anyone go. But after last night's performances, I believed Kat deserved to go. She's had two bad nights in a row, whereas her competition have been doing the best they could.

Too bad Kat has a strong fanbase though, and since the judges pretty much dissed her Elvis performances, she got a lot of pity votes. I don't blame her fans.

Don't get me wrong, she's really pretty and she's got a nice voice. But her performances lately didn't quite go so well.

And since Chris is the rocker dude on the show, I'd have him win the competition if it was all up to me. That's a bias, I know. So sue me ;P Magaling naman siya eh. Fuel actually offered him the position of vocalist after Chris sang their song "Hemorrhage". Wow!

Maybe I was reading into him too much, but on last night's Results Show, you could tell maybe that Chris felt he did well enough to NOT get the bottom spot, and somehow he was cheated of his place in the Top 3. Para ba siyang nalugi (Kat kasi eh! Grrr).

Given the Top 3 now, I hope either Taylor or Elliot would win. Elliot's got super hot vocals, but Taylor's a total performer. I love em both.

As for Kat, I won't be surprised if she wins. But unless she gives superb, flawless performances for the next (two) show(s), I won't completely agree with her being the next American Idol.

And you, Chris Daughtry, go out there and make some noise with your
band! Go record an album (that will hopefully make its way to Philippine shores - I've been waiting for Marty Casey and Lovehammers' debut album here in the Philippines since January! :( ). Rock the bars and concert venues just like you did before AI. May you have a wonderful career ahead of you. This is definitely not the end of it.

Check out
Absent Element's website to hear stuff they've done before Chris joined AI5. They rock :)

- - - - -

So now I am officially mourning Chris's exit from AI, which got me searching the net for his photos and vids :P

For Chris pics:
Chris Daughtry Web
Chris Daughtry Central: The Gallery

For Chris vids:
Chris Daughtry Rocks

Lots more, actually. Just
Google him :)

Here are some of the cool Chris pics I got off the net.

AI performance:

Click to see stills from his Suspicious Minds performance
Because I love you too much, baby
(Top 4 Performance: Elvis Night - "Suspicious Minds")

Click to see other Chris Daughtry posters

AI Photoshoot:

Click to see the rest of the photoshoot
Sizzling! Tsssss...

Click to see the rest of the photoshoot
Phonographs and memories :D

Click to see the rest of the photoshoot
Ay hotness

Pre-Idol pics:

Click to see more Absent Element pics
I love a guy with a guitar
(Performing with his band, Absent Element, at The Clubhouse in 2004)

Click to see Pre-Idol Candid Pics
Chris with his wife (and his hair!)
(Cute din siyang may buhok.)



LH said...

Yeah I'm sure Chris will become a huge star anyway. He doesn't need AI.

jona said...

I was actually kinda relieved that Chris got voted off. It will do bad things to his cred as a rockstar if he wins AI, in my opinion. And I really hope he takes the Fuel gig. Now, I'm rooting for Taylor to win. . . Speaking of AI, Bo Bice is coming to the ohio state fair. . . now to convice boyps to take me. . .

- d a c s - said...

True. I wasn't expecting him to win. I was actually surprised that people thought he was actually going to win. Masakit lang na, based on the previous night's performances, nauna pa siya kay Kat. Yun yung masaklap, hehehe.

I just read on the net that Fuel's asked him again. And Sugar Ray, too. And he tried out for Rockstar:INXS pala. Ok lang, kasi baka di siya magshine dun, ang gagaling nila lahat eh!

Ang mahirap lang siguro sa decision niya is that he has a band to go back to. Money talks, but friendship's a big deal too :)

Go Bo! Hehehe :D