Thursday, June 29, 2006

I miss... Ateneo classmates.

LOA kasi ako this sem, to concentrate a bit more on my teaching. This is my 3rd year of teaching already but I'm only starting to really get my groove. Ngayon lang ako nagiging confident, partly because ngayon rin lang ako nagiging organized. I'm trying to plan things out better this year. Hopefully naman my students will indeed benefit from the changes I'm trying to make with myself as a Biology teacher.

So, yeah, I miss my Ateneo classmates. Di ko na tuloy sila kasabay gumradweyt sa MEM. I miss the Saturday lunches along Katipunan. Bonding, kahit magastos. I hope I can go to the annual sembreak MEM outing. Sana meron nga this year :)

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