Wednesday, August 09, 2006

10 great test-taking tips!

Better late than never :D Some very good tips I spotted on Felize('09)'s blog (o diba, libre promote hehe).

Couldn't have said these in a better way. I sure hope they do help you get through two more days of perio, and the rest of your test-taking life! ;)


(in big, bold, red letters - what else do you need for emphasis? :P)

1. Read the instructions carefully. Never assume you will know what they will say! Ask the teacher if you are unsure about anything. [Ma'am Dacs says: I cannot stress HOW IMPORTANT this is!!!]

2. Read the entire test through before you start to answer it. Notice the point value of each section. This will help you to pace yourself.

3. Answer the easiest question first, then the ones with the highest point value. You don't want to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out a two-point problem!

4. Keep busy! If you get stuck on a question, go back to it later. The answer might come to you while you are working on another of the test.

5. If you aren't sure how to answer a question fully, try to answer at least part of it. You might get partial credit.

6. Need to guess on a multiple test? First, eliminatethe answers that you know are wrong. Then take a guess. Because your first guess is most likely to be correct, you shouldn't go back and change an answer unless you are certain that you are wrong.

7. On an essay test, take a moment to plan your writing. First, jot down the important points you want to make. Then number these points in the order you will cover them.

8. Keep it neat! If your teacher can't read your writing, you might lose points.

9. Don't waste time doing things for which you will not receive credit, such as rewriting test questions.

10. Leave time at the end to look over your work. Did you answer every question? Did you proofread for errors? It is easy to make careless mistakes while making a test.

Bonus tip: Huwag isnabin/kalimutan ang bonus questions (if any). Sayang eh!

Good luck :D

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