Monday, August 07, 2006

My Sunday In Reverse

500 new messages in my email inbox...all because of Multiply! Susmaryosep!

And yet I can't switch off the email notifications, hehehe. I don't get to check my Multiply account that often, so the email notifications are quite convenient for a chismosa like long as they don't reach 500 messages! My gulay, mukhang todong nag-Multiply mga contacts ko this weekend ah, hahaha!

Deleting messages from inbox...

Hmmm...turns out most of the updates are from a single user...nagkaglitch ata ang Multiply kasi these are old blog posts and stuff...weird!

- - - - -

Watched the BEP Monkey Business gig at the Araneta from last July. It was shown on ABS, tas siyempre puro ABS celebs yung pinapakita sa audience.

If I weren't in the hospital, I may have considered watching this gig live. BEP's one of the non-rock groups I really appreciate. Besides having a Pinoy in the group, they've got really nice tunes - that's saying a lot from me kasi di ako masyado appreaciative sa hiphop/RnB :P

- - - - -

Coolness. Fatboy Slim videos on MTV. Praise You, na ngayon ko lang napanood ng buo, followed by Weapon of Choice (Christopher Walken rules!). Did Christopher Walken ever play a vampire? Parang yun kasi impression ko sa kanya eh, isang vampire, hehehe.

- - - - -

Saw my batchmate Arnee Hidalgo at Pancake House BF Homes this evening; my family had dinner there after mass. She was with her panganay and her husband - anlaki na pala ng anak niya! He looked so much like his mom, at nakakaaliw kasi bibo siyang bata, not the usual kid that shies up when their parents introduce them to other folks.

- - - - -

Finally got to watch a movie in the cinema - Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest. Two things:

1. May katuloy pa pala yung movie. Ibang klaseng bitin yun ah. Wala man lang closure whatsoever.
2. Johnny Depp is sooooo charming, no matter how grimy he is.

Ok, so more than two things. I couldn't appreciate the movie fully 'cause Drew and I were seated at the frontmost row of Cinema 4 in ATC - that's like so close to the screen, nakakahilo.

I particularly loved three scenes:
1. Johnny Depp's escape from being roasted alive. The fruits were a lovely addition to the choreography, and Depp's "eye make-up" was so cool, gusto ko rin ng ganun hehehe.
2. The crew's escape from their ball cage. Kakatuwa especially when they were running while still encaged in the ball hahaha!
3. The wheel fight scene - kakahilo siguro yun!

Though I can't remember much the story of the first Pirates, I do remember liking it so much more than Dead Man's Chest.

- - - - -

[Plugging] TUNOG KALINGA : A Concert for GK Sison's Education Fund

The UP Underground Music Community in partnership with Youth for Christ Alabang is holding a benefit concert for Gawad Kalinga’s child and youth education programs in GK Sison, Poblacion, Muntinlupa City. To be held on August 19, 2006, at the Hampton Court, Hillsborough Subdivision, Alabang, the musical event will be showcasing the best of Philippine mainstream music scene together with independent bands of the UP Underground Music Community. The full band line-up can be seen on the poster attached.

In holding this concert, we hope in our small way, to help in purging our nation of poverty and improving the quality of life in our country. Further, we see this as an opportunity to heighten social awareness among our youth and challenge them to be part of the move towards positive change.

Tickets are available at 150 pesos before the event and at 175 pesos at the gate. For ticket inquiries, please contact Gerard (09065158398). Thank you very much and may God continue to bless you.

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