Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Circle of Life

If you've noticed, the past four posts have been either about birth, death, or both. There was Drew's birthday (August 15), My Lolo's passing AND birthday (August 16 and August 20, respectively), remembering Wolfmann's passing (August 21), and Steve Irwin's passing (September 4).

For the past years, the months of August to October have always been birthday months. Admittedly it stresses me out a bit to buy so many gifts all of a sudden (birthdays in the family and among friends), I also considered it a joyous season kasi yun nga, ang daming nagbibirthday, Andrew and myself included.

However, three deaths already have recently marked this part of the calendar. My Lolo passed away last August 16 - on the birthday of my niece Sam, and just four days before Lolo's 90th birthday. Wolfmann passed away August 21 of last year - this year ko lang napansin na Ninoy Day pala siya nawala. And just this morning, Steve Irwin, aka the Crocodile Hunter, died because of an unfortunate stingray encounter during a shoot.

- - - - -

Wolf and Steve aren't family nor (close) friends (I hardly got to know Wolf before he was taken), and yet their deaths affect me so much.

Both deaths were tragic and sudden - Wolf died of an aneurysm, Steve died of a stingray encounter.

Both men inspired not just me but a whole lot of other people because of their unparalleled passion for the stuff they do - Wolf with his music, Steve with wildlife conservation. Both happen to be my passions in life. Kaya siguro sobrang naapektuhan ako ng pagkawala nila.

To Wolfmann and the Croc Hunter, may you both rest in peace. Thanks for your gifts of inspiration to the world. You will be missed.

- - - - -

To Lolo, I'm glad you're my dad's dad. I'm only sorry that I wasn't able to get to know you more. Rest now in the arms of our Lord, and watch over us here as we continue to make our way through that journey called life.


Chill said...

Hi dacs,

just today am missing wolf ng sobra and am torturing myself by listening to his tracks. then I googled his name..stumbled upon your blog. astig no? ahehehe.

I bet they are sharing stories in heaven now.

- d a c s - said...

Hey Chill :) Pagnatutugtog nga mga kanta ni Wolf sa iPod ko, di ko malaman kung matutuwa ako o malulungkot. Nakakamiss. But yeah, heaven's a swell place to be for all of 'em :)