Sunday, September 10, 2006

Samapi's Kwentuhan with Datu's Tribe

At nabuhay muli ang Kwentuhan Sessions ng Samapi!!!

Samapi's Kwentuhan Sessions started in SY 2004-2005 and featured indie bands Twisted Halo, Boldstar, and Imago. Due to schedule restrictions, the club wasn't able to hold Kwentuhan Sessions for SY 2005-2006.

Now, for SY 2006-2007, Kwentuhan Sessions have started off with one of my most favorite bands from way back during my own Pisay days (as a student) - DATU'S TRIBE!!!

Yet again, I was really nervous that there won't be enough audience to fill Rm 103. But as the school-wide Student Congress wrapped up at around 5pm and Samapi members rounded up folks to attend, I was able to relax seeing that there were quite a number of people interested in listening to Datu's Tribe.

They played three songs from their upcoming album - Feelings, California Dog, Lakambini Bottom (the best!) - and Karne, which is from a compilation album for the WTO.


Lakambini Bottom

What endears Datu's Tribe so much to me is that Sir Cabrera/Cabring/Cabs is one of my rockstar heroes - rockstar na, teacher pa. He was my sister's English teacher in Colegio San Agustin Makati (around '95 to '96 I think). Had I not gone to Pisay after Grade Seven, he would've been my English teacher too 'cause I think he handled the pilot class of my batch back then. He was also Klara's (my gig friend) adviser back when she was in UPIS. Small world, hehehe.

Datu's Tribe was also music I grew up to. I remember buying a cassette tape of "Galit Kami Sa Baboy", their first album, together with the Stone Temple Pilot's "Purple" album back in 1995, I think. Sobrang astig ng tugtugan nila. It was so cool to rock out to Datu's Tribe sounds not only because the songs sounded great but also because the lyrics had so much intensity and sincerity in their purpose. I guess since wala na ang mahal kong Twisted Halo, Datu's Tribe would probably be the closest thing that would fulfill my need for honest, soul-searching rock n' roll.

Their next album would probably be out September, or October at the latest (sana!). Gawa na yung design ng CD case - astig yung design, at si Sir pa yung gumawa. Hopefully this new album would not only give the old Datu's Tribe fans their fill, but also win over some new generation fans.

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