Friday, December 01, 2006

Nasaan ang bagyo?! Nasaaan?!!!

Long weekend? Long post!

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What sucks about yesterday's suspension of classes (eh wala namang bagyo pa!):

1. Dahlia and Jasmin didn't get to take their Long Test # 2. That's bad? Yes, for me it is. Kasi dapat LT nung Thu, no classes sa Fri, tapos last lesson sa Mon, kasi perio starts Tue. Now what?

2. I found out about the suspension as I got off the MRT at the Ayala Station. Bad trip, kasi had I known I'd have a 4-day weekend, I would've brought home stuff to check and stuff to do! Currently on my table are test papers and other stuff I could've brought home to finish. Grrr.

What's OK about yesterday's suspension of classes, or what's OK about the storm not hitting Manila yet as of last night:

1. Hindi binagyo ang Sugarfree album launch. Though hindi naman talaga ako pupunta, at least natuloy yung event w/o the hassle of bad weather.

2. At least the kids have time to do all the requirements they need to finish before the onset of perio on Dec 5. Good luck folks! Please try your best not to cram anymore projects or exams. Make the best use of this 4-day weekend!

3. I got to sleep in the whole day! Hehehe.

4. I got to upload gig pics and vids. Check em out!

- - - - -

From the LOKOMOTIV gig at AL'S Bar/Rock Radio in BF Paranaque (11/25/06):
Southern Grass jamming -
Lokomotiv's Five Alive -
Lokomotiv's Heart in Two -

Ang galing ng Lokomotiv. I really missed watching Wolf and David play. Pero at least kung States-based na sila, a bigger audience will get to experience their rocking performances.

The American guys - Ryan the vocalist, who's from Oklahoma, and Danny the bassist, who's from California (tama ba?) - were terrific. Ang solid nung Lokomotiv as a band. And they're really nice! Nagpa-autograph ako nung CD inlay - something I haven't done in years, I think. I was (yet again) a giddy highschool kid na na-starstruck sa mga band folks. My hand was actually shaking as I let Ryan and the band sign, hahaha =) But yeah, they were really nice; kita mo sa pakikitungo nila that they like meeting the fans.

Tapos nakakatuwa pa kasi si Dino (I hope I remembered his name right) who was Wolfgang's roadie back then was also with Lokomotiv that night. Tinuro pa niya sa akin sino pa yung ipapasign sa CD (kala niya siguro di ko makikilala yung band members hehe).

The night was surreal. Couldn't believe I was in the same room w/ David Aguirre, hehehe. That guy is a truly awesome guitar player.

Oh, btw, front acts Kinkyhooters and Southern Grass were also great! Gotta watch out for their albums, sana ilabas na soon.

Too bad Drew and I couldn't stay for DRT anymore. 11pm na kasi nagsimula yung gig, tapos halos 1-hour sets yung bands. So as Lokomotiv wrapped up at 2am, I definitely needed to go back home (nahiritan pa nga ako the next day kasi late na raw ako umuwi, pffft). Eh balita ko nag-Razorback reunion pa raw after DRT. Grrr, sayang! Razorback w/ David Aguirre! Hmph.

- - - - -

I've also finished uploading pics and vids from the Admit One 5th Anniv Party Part 2:
Fatal Posporos' Pudgy:
Fatal Posporos' Sili Song:
Twisted Halo's Hiram:
Twisted Halo's Undress:

This was yet another Admit One party for the record. Ang saya-saya seeing the orig lineup, though hindi ko na naabutan yung Cambio and Dicta License. Last time I saw Fatal play plugged was in 2003 or 2004 pa ata, nung buhay pa yung dating Rock Radio Cafe. So I was really really happy to watch them again. Too bad wala si Annette; Abe Billano took over drum duties instead.

And, of course, Twisted Halo. Nag-usap kami ni Vin after their set, and he expressed his happiness in what their set turned out to be. Ang ganda kasi ng tugtugan nila. I couldn't pinpoint what was different about it, basta pakiramdam ko it wasn't the usual Twisted Halo set. Even Jal's basslines (yup, Jal played 2 songs!) were different. Kumbaga, para silang ganadong-ganado tumugtog.

At siyempre, hindi ko na pinalampas yung pagkakataong i-record yung "Undress". Since it will forever remain an unreleased Twisted Halo track, getting it on video was the next best thing. Ilang beses ko na pinanood yung nirecord ko, and I still can't get enough of it.

What surprised me, though, was what Vin said. Sabi niya, playing that set made him realize na tama yung ginawa niyang pag-alis sa banda (and the band breakup that followed). They've had their time na rin daw kasi. Tama na yun. And, that night, seeing and hearing the crowd sing along to almost all the songs, natuwa siya, slightly regretting na bakit hindi ganun yung reaction nung crowd dati (well, at least that's how I interpreted what he was saying), pero bottomline is that he was really satisfied sa tugtog nila nung gabing yun.

Ako naman, sabi ko, kahit man lang sa Admit One anniv nalang sila tutugtog, maghihintay ako taon-taon. Hehehe.

- - - - -

And some other stuff I was able to upload to Multiply:

Maligayang Pasko - Some alternative Christmas songs to listen to:

Datu's Tribe Kwentuhan Session vids, w/c have long been posted on YouTube na rin:
Lakambini Bottom:

- - - - -

O ano? Nasaan na yung bagyo? Sana makadaan na siya by this morning, because I want to attend the Rock Awards tonight!!! Pleeease!!! (Pero sana hindi naman malakas yung tama ng bagyo, para hindi rin makadulot ng matinding pinsala sa atin. Masyado na kasi tayong kinakawawa ng tadhana.)

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