Friday, December 15, 2006


YouTube-d tonight. One vid led to the other. Here we go.

Cambio - Patlang
Hehe, si Jim Paredes pala yung manong na pumasok sa room habang tumutugtog sila. I love this song to pieces.

Eraserheads - Trip to Jerusalem
Katuwa yung lakwatserong upuan. Sino nga ba director ng vid na 'to? Ang cool kasi nung cinematography (I hope I used that term correctly) - the silhouette shots, the chair shots, etc.

Eraserheads - Tama Ka (Tribute Vid)
Fan tribute video for Buddy Zabala. Buddy is my most favorite Eraserhead, and this is prolly my most favorite Buddy song.

Cambio - DV (Live at Intramuros, 2004)
Fun song, cool Buddy bassline, rocking crowd, shirtless Ebe. What more can you ask for? Heehee :P

Teeth - Shooting Star (Live at the NU Rock Awards 2000)
My 2nd favorite Teeth song. This performance features Marc Abaya on guitars (if I'm not mistaken...siya nga ba yun?)

Eraserheads - Combo on the Run (Live at Ateneo, 1993!)
Grabe, classic Eheads! 1993 - gradeschool pa ako nito! This is the song that bears the lyrics "Ultraelectromagneticpop!" and "Baby, you can bet your pwet, I'll do it again some time for the money"

Moonpools & Caterpillars - Interview at 5&Up (1996)
One of my most favorite Fil-Am bands ever. Nakaka-miss na sila! A CD copy of Lucky Dumpling will be a jewel in my CD collection...Hmmm, the 5&Up host looks like Maxine Magalona...5&Up kid ba siya?

Moonpools & Caterpillars - Live Performance on ASAP (1996)
Grabe, tumayo balahibo ko to hear those songs again. Haha, Dayanara Torres was part of the ASAP hosts; she's so pretty. Kainis, ang kulit ni Martin Nievera. Dayanara, Martin & Pops (kasal pa sila nun hehe), Ariel - I miss the '90s! Woohoo!

Lokomotiv - Five Alive
The official music video, with Basti Artadi still on vocals. Tagal na pala nito; short-hair pa si David Aguirre.

Wolfgang - Center of the Sun (Acoustic at the Music Museum, 2000)
One of the BEST (if not THE BEST) gigs I have EVER attended. Uy, may Pisay dun sa UP Singing Ambassadors na kasama nila, hehehe. Aaah I miss Wolfgang so badly :( Contemplating popping in the Acoustica VCD and reliving the whole thing all over again...

Lokomotiv - Warpigs (by Black Sabbath) (Universal Bar & Grill, 2006)
Prolly one of the last gigs of Basti with Loko. The first time I heard this Black Sabbath song, si Basti kaagad ang naisip ko sa vocals ni Ozzy (I haven't heard Black Sabbath prior to listening to Warpigs, maybe in 2002, hehe). No one - NO ONE - can growl like Basti Artadi. So even if I do like Ryan as Lokomotiv's new vocalist, wala pa ring papalit sa puso ko kay Basti Artadi.

- - - - -

These have got to be my best vid finds for tonight:

To the kids of today who know Jason Newstead mostly because of the show Rockstar:Supernova, let me just tell you that that guy was here in our shores 10 years ago and he played with the greatest hard rock bands of that time - Wolfgang, Skychurch, Datu's Tribe, etc - at that rockin' place called Club Dredd.

Let me digress for a bit: I think I was born a couple of years too late. In 1996, I was a sophomore in Pisay and too young to gig. When I finally graduated in 1998 at medyo pinapayagan na akong mag-gig...biglang nagsara ang Club Dredd. Phooey. Bad trip. Hindi man lang niya ako hinintay.

So yeah, back to Jason Newstead. I don't care if some people think he's a washed-up has-been. I've got respect for this ex-bassist of Metallica, na isa lang naman sa pinaka-astig na banda sa buong mundo EVER.

These are videos of Jason's visit here in '96, c/o schizo102 (check out his other precious vids - quite an awesome collection he's got, and I'm betting that's not even the half of it).

Part 1 - Interview by the Villegas twins (of Rizal Underground)
Part 2 - Jason jams with Wolfgang, Skychurch, Datu's Tribe

EDIT: Si Cabring lang pala yung Datu's Tribe sa vid. Kwento niya sa 'kin sa text kanina: Datu's didn't jam with him. Ako lang. Everyone else was in Los Banos and biglaan yung jam. Jason nag-bass, drummer and gitarista from Skychurch, ako boses. He didn't really want to jam Metallica songs so we just jammed. They improvised, and I used Datu's lyrics, hahaha :) Jason muntik pa makuryente sa Dredd. Pangalawang bahista na sana siya ng Metallica namatay sa aksidente hahaha :)

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