Sunday, March 11, 2007

Astrotones v1 and v2

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Ok, so I'm starting a new string of playlists (actually dalawa pa lang sila hehehe) featuring the MP3s I've been using on my Motorola V3i, which I have recently baptized as Astro.

Actually Astro's already 8 months old pero ngayon ko lang naisipang pangalanan kasi kailangan for this playlist hahaha! And since I've recently been watching my Astroboy DVDs (the 1982 original series, not the ones in record stores now!), yun yung naisip kong pangalan.

I've only sat down and cropped MP3s for phone use twice. This list is the product of the first time.

Para masaya, I'm including the original MP3s from which the following call/message alert tones were cropped.

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Sugod by Sandwich - my call & message alert tone for Andrew
Hindi naman sa dedicated sa kanya. Yun lang kasi yung gusto ko madalas marinig, eh si Drew naman yung pinaka-katext or ka-tawag ko, hehehe.

Dito Tayo Sa Dilim by Pedicab - my message alert tone for everyone else

Cantaloop by US3 - my call alert tone for everyone else

By the way, the cropped MP3s are in mono, because they're converted to mono when transferred to the phone, eh I lost the original cropped MP3s already.

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Download Astrotones v1 here:

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With lessons and perio out of the way (though gabundok na checking waiting in the wings), I finally got to sit down once again and crop more MP3s to jazz up Astro. Sawa na co-teachers ko at pamilya ko sa Sugod at DTSD, hehehe. Eto, iba naman.

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Darkness Fell by Wolfgang - call/message alert tone for Andrew
Because he is my Basti :P Wahahaaaaa cheesy sht :D

Preaching the End of the World by Chris Cornell - call/message alert tone for family
I guess the recent breakup of Audioslave and Cornell's upcoming solo album has brought his first solo effort to the forefront again (for me, at least).

Beautiful Machines by Pupil - call/message alert tone for the Bio peeps
Because we ARE beautiful machines :D

Man98 by Wolfgang - call/message alert tone for everyone else
Because I'm still obsessed with Wolfgang. And this is the hottest intro Manuel ever came up with (again, for me at least).

Pag-Agos by UpdharmaDown - call/message alert tone for everyone else
Because...kamukha ko daw si Armi? Hahaha! Sabi lang ng mga friends and students ko yun hehehe....Nah, seriously, this is my most favorite UdD song. I love how the song flows from cool to hot and then cool again. Galing!

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Download Astrotones v2 here:

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