Thursday, March 29, 2007

Only in the Philippines

This is madness!

And, no, this is so NOT Sparta.

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I was supposed to introduce this post some other way, but I first visited a co-teacher's blog and found this. Thus, the 300-esque intro =)

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Damn, we were LIVE on CNN today. And all because some day-care center guy decided to hostage his own wards to fight for education for the poor.


Even though he had food and air conditioning for the pre-school kids, he did have with him hand grenades and a gun.

And who acted as negotiators? Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. and Mr. Chavit "Whistleblower" Singson. Tsss. Showbuzz.

As I was watching the live coverage on GMA7 around the time the hostage-takers promised to release the children, here comes some school (I can't remember which one, so I'd rather not say) to the rescue, promising that if the hostage-kids were freed then they'd take care of their elementary and high school education.

Hellooo?!!! Eh di lahat nalang tayo mang-hostage ng mga toddler para puro scholarship yung mga kabataan ngayon pagdating nila sa grade school at highschool. D-uh!!!

Look, I'm not against the kids being promised an education. Pero pang-eepal nalang talaga yun nung school, hindi ba? Eh, on the news pa talaga sinabi, at the height of the situation when all the world was watching.

Furthermore, what Jun Ducat did was totally friggin' madness. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU SUBJECT SUCH YOUNG CHILDREN TO POSSIBLE SOUL-SCARRING TRAUMA???!!! At kamusta naman kung sumabog yung hawak niyang granada???!!! Winner diba???!!! (O sige fine, fake pala yung mga hand grendades.)

Grabe, kumukulo ang dugo ko. Trying to fight back the expletives. SHIT. (Ooops, couldn't keep that one in. Mild lang naman yan eh.)

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Ok, so if you've been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, or you've been busy at work like me without any access to TV or radio, here you go:

Our madness on,, and

And, of course, on YouTube.



Diogenes said...

easy, dacs. yang puso mo. heheh!

this is uncharacteristic of me, but i want to give a serious input in this situation. so bear with me.

while i too am bothered that ducat put the children's lives in danger, i still find myself on his side.
what really bugs me in this situation is that someone who only wants to make a positive change, has been forced to use the threat of violence to do so because a government who is supposed to be supporting him is not. the dep-ed needs to get the wheels turning to remedy the problems of the educational system in the philippines. start by lending a hand to the teachers who decide to stay their course despite the hardships that come with the profession (*hint* low pay * hint*). don't make the seemingly impossible task of creating a more educated filipino society feel even more futile by not getting the backs of those who have somehow found the initiative to help.

- d a c s - said...

What just scares me is that this freaky situation can be a precedent.

So now what's gonna stop others from doing the same thing whenever they want to demand that their government clean up its act?

Like I said in my post, eh di lahat nalang nang-hostage ng bata para masigurado ang patuloy na pag-aaral nito hanggang kolehiyo?

So Ducat used fake bombs (, but what if some really dangerous psycho went out and did what Ducat did but with REAL stuff?

But yeah, thanks for the comments, dude! Balik ka na dito sa Pinas tapos lets put up a school for the poor using your savings as the world's best photojournalist! :P ;)

shmuck said...

kalokohan tlga yung ginawa ng guy.. poor excuse of a human being.. onga nakakatakot pag ginawang precedent ng ibang mentally disturbed na tao yan.. ihostage ang anak para magkaroon lang ng pagaaral.. geez..

at c singson at c revilla.. sana naman ngkaroon sila ng konting utak para isipin na hayaan na ang mga pulis (however inept) to do their jobs.. so sad..