Monday, April 09, 2007

My own summer, Gary Sinise is mine, and remembering Kurt

Argh. It's summer. And I'm busy as hell :(

But I guess I shouldn't complain, 'cause I'm the one who got myself into this, with the hopes that summer will be a challenging and exciting learning experience. And I still do have those hopes up high for the coming weeks, really :)

- - - - -

Coming up for Summer 2007:
  1. 42nd BIOTA (Biology Teachers Association) National Convention & Scientific Sessions - 12-14 April 2007, at the University of Santo Tomas (makakapasok na rin akong UST hehehe)
    - will be attending this with my Bio co-teachers
    - will be conducting a seminar-workshop on an activity on the 3-domain system of classification

  2. Field Biology 2007
    - April 16 to May 6, 2007
    - Hundred Islands and Bolinao in Pangasinan; Subic in Zambales; Candaba in Pampanga
    - to be conducted together with my co-teacher Sir Espinas
    - to be participated in by 20 selected Batch 2008 students (incoming seniors)

  3. Intel training
    - I still don't know the details on this one; I just know that it's gonna be conducted in Pisay
    - will be attending this with a couple of co-teachers, though kami lang ata ni Ma'am Cheng from the Bio unit
Now because of all this academic stuff, I risk missing my good friend Ei's wedding on May 5. I will miss as well Ilang-Ilang '07's Baguio outing on May2-5; tsk, Baguio pa naman (a place that has a very special place in my heart).

No worries, though. I'm really looking forward to Field Bio. I hope we have fun with the kids, aside from learning a lot of cool stuff about our local shores =)

- - - - -

In the meantime, I still set aside an hour on Monday (10pm) and Wednesday (9pm) nights for CSI. Siyempre. Basta ba gising pa ako nun. More often than not kasi I can't catch the Sunday replays eh.

So it's a new season of CSI NY.
  • I missed the first ep of the season :(

  • Claire Forlani has joined the cast as a medical examiner. I used to like her; I found her real pretty before. But maybe it's because she playing Gary Sinise's love interest, I don't like her anymore. Hahaha! No really, those pouty lips and sensuous eyes don't work for me anymore - I find them pa-cute na. And she really isn't convincing as a medical examiner, unlike the other med examiners on the other CSI shows. Hahaha, selos-jealous :P Though I guess I need not worry much, though, because I accidentally (really, it was an accident) stumbled upon a review of later episodes in the season, and it appears that Mac Taylor can't really commit to Claire's character so she'll eventually leave. Yey for me. Hahaha :D

  • Yahoo, they're finally giving more substance to the Danny-Lindsay love team! See, it's not that I'm against love teams on CSI. In fact, I'd like to see Mac and Stella get together, too. Just not Claire Forlani :P So anyway, last night's ep has Lindsay's character in a dangerous (though stupid - I bet against proper protocol talaga yung ginawa nila dun) life-and-death situation. And at the end of it all, Danny finds Lindsay and hugs her real tight, extremely glad to see that she's alive. And then AXN shows us the next ep where Danny supposedly reveals his feelings towards Lindsay. However, she apparently isn't as ready as him to say what she really feels. Awww.

  • Oh shit, I just realized that I'd be in Pangasinan by next Monday! Waaah! I wanna know what happens to Danny and Lindsay! :'( (Contemplating a visit to, where all the evidence lies ;) )
- - - - -

In loving memory of Kurt Donald Cobain
(February 20, 1967 - April 5, 1994)

See one of my favorite Kurt pics - he's with his daughter Frances and his wife Courtney, and he's holding a feeding bottle. Awww.

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