Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mega-update, for those who care

What a summer.

And it isn't over yet - it can't be! I still have so much stuff to do...

A few posts back, I listed down what was up with my summer - BIOTA, Field Bio, Intel.

Biota went well, I was able to deliver the seminar-workshop without much hassle - never mind there were a couple of important stuff I forgot hehehe.

Field bio was a blast! I haven't really blogged about it yet, so in the meantime let the pictures speak for themselves -

As for the Intel thing, my co-teacher Edgar (who is now with our unit - welcome to Bio!!!) and I will be
evaluating the program so the school would know if it can be held for the faculty on a bigger scale later on. Kami lang ni Edgar na-assign dun, kasi ang buong Bio (well, most of them) are currently in Iloilo for GLOBE training. I wanted to join them, but our house is maid-less so I have to be around to help out. Also, puno na rin slots for the training, haha. Bad trip lang kasi magbo-Boracay sila after! Grrr!!! *Inggit*

Aside from Edgar, we also have two new additions to the Bio unit - welcome Ma'am Dawn Toledo (Pisay '97) and Sir Justin Guce (an orgmate of mine from UP)! The Bio unit will also be saying goodbye to Ma'am Chu Duallo (kasabay kong pumasok sa Pisay), and also temporarily to Ma'am Ninna Espiritu (off to make h
erself smarter still - study leave).

So with about two weeks to go 'til work officially starts again, I'm still pretty busy.

I'm not yet cleared :( Have a couple more reports and a portfolio to finish for clearance. Grrr again.

Also working on some review material for the in-school UPCAT review for the seniors. And still some miscellaneous stuff to keep me busy. Yehey.

Online, I've also been quite busy uploading pics at my Multiply. Mostly pics of stuff that has kept my sked tight right after Field Bio ended -
Ei and Chippy's wedding, Chu and Joel's despidida, Mom's Day.

Wrote a post on Ei and Chippy's wedding already, will post that right after I publish this one. Kwento about the despidida and Mom's Day are right there already in their respective photo albums:

Ei and Chippy's wedding

Chu and Joel's despidida

Mom's Day

Other new albums are:

Bio1 dissection for SY 2006-2007

Batch '07's grad

So far got nothing to post about one of the loves of my life - music. Haven't gigged in so long =( Anyway, summer's been fun (field bio rocks!) so it's alright =)

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