Saturday, June 16, 2007

On family

On Monday (June 18*), Yvette – my kuya’s wife – will be giving birth to their 3rd daughter and my newest pamangkin. I’m not sure yet what her name is (I do know they’ve already decided on it), but I’m sure it’ll be as beautiful as her ates’ names – Renee Therese (Reese) and Stephanie Raine (Raine).

Too bad though because the family is in Singapore, so we won’t really see the little one ‘til they come home this Christmas. My parents will be going there though this July to help with taking care of the baby, so they’ll be bringing back cutesy pics of the Tres Marias of my kuya.

I’ve watched how Dino, my kuya, had several past girlfriends (not all to our liking, hehehe) until he found the one who made him a changed man, the one who gave him a sense of purpose and direction. That was the woman he married in a lovely wedding at San Agustin back in 1999.

Their panganay, Reese, is my very first inaanak. She came into this world in 2000, and was followed in 2003 by another beautiful daughter called Raine. Now, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their youngest sister.

I am the bunso in the family, so when I arrived into this world, everyone was already there: my parents, two ates, and one kuya. When you’re a kid, you take for granted how special families are, because they were already there when you got here. Now, I get to appreciate how families are slowly being built. It’s really heartwarming, especially seeing the kids grow up. Nakakatuwa :)

People who mean so much to me.

* June 18 also happens to be my Lolo's 19th death anniversary.

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