Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just a few more hours...the world awaits

Just a few more hours...National Bookstore at Shopwise Sucat still opens at 9:00 a.m. At this rate (it's 1:48 a.m.), I might still be asleep by then, hahaha :P

Watching the Harry Potter specials on HBO. Was able to tune in during the Triwizard Tournament (the lake challenge) of Goblet of Fire. After GoF, they started showing a "Behind the Magic" special on Order of the Phoenix. After watching again less than half of GoF, I realized how OotP sucked. Kalahati palang ng GoF yung point of comparison ko. I've watched all the films and read all the books, but I stayed away from all of them so as not to have any expectation of OotP, haha.

This special on HBO, though, is interesting. It's always nice to see the actors and actresses as themselves. They're all so grown-up (Ginny, dalaga na!), as I always say after watching each film. But seeing GoF a while ago, and OotP now, I prefer how they all looked like in GoF, especially Daniel Radcliffe's shaggy hair. Why'd they cut it like that for OotP? But at least his acting improved much in the latest film. Him reacting over Cedric's death back in Hogwarts was so no-tears fake sadness; his grief and distress over Sirius was more believable. Pero mas naiyak pa rin ako kay Cedric kaysa sa iba pang namatay so far sa story, especially when Mr. Diggory came running to the body :(

Hay. Just a few more hours. And a lot more homework over the weekend (yes, teachers DO have work at home) that'll have to take precedence over reading Book 7 >_<

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