Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pisay Movie Official Website...point me to it please!

Did anyone get the URL of the official website for Pisay the Movie? Parang may nakita kasi ako sa credits na website either ng movie or nung soundtrack ng movie. I also noticed in the credits that Raimund Marasigan made a song for the movie (as his electronica alter ego Squid 9), and Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree sang the song that was playing during the credits. Gusto ko tuloy makita ano pa yung nasa soundtrack. I've tried Google but nothing turns up sa search results.

I'd love to write a casual review of the movie but there's so much to do still, like read Book 7, hehehe. Seriously, still got some prepping to do for Bio1 for when we get back to school on Tuesday. All I can say for now is that the movie was really nice and heartwarming :) Bad trip lang hindi ako kasama sa Bio Unit sa credits. Hahaha kidding! Wala naman akong kinalaman doon eh. Nakinood lang ako ng shooting is all

Ansaya nung Sabado, parang homecoming :)


Luis K. said...

Got the Pisay soundtrack CD in the CCP Main Theatre lobby after the screening last Saturday. :) Here's the track listing:

1. Pisay Intro Theme/Act One: Rom and Wena's Theme
2. Lingunin Mo Sana Ako - Squid9
3. Poor Li'l Rich Girl Grown Up - Mcoy Fundales
4. Act Two: Mat's Theme
5. Egis, Er'p! - Lourd de Veyra and Raimund Marasigan
6. Love is in My Hair - Imago
7. Act Three: Andy and Liway's Theme
8. Ang Puso Kong Musmos - Ebe Dancel
9. Act Four: Halley's Comet
10. Pisay Graduation Theme/PSHS Hymn
11. Treasured Memories - Isha

Just started listening to it now. So far my favorite tracks are "Egis, Er'p," "Love is in My Hair," "Ang Puso Kong Musmos" and the little instrumental bits.

I never thought I would willingly pay money for a CD with the PSHS Hymn on it, by the way. ;p

RE: the official website, one of the people behind the movie told me that the domain name is supposed to be but apparently someone else claimed it and they're still ironing out the confusion.

- d a c s - said...

Nice! Thanks, Luis!

How come I missed that CD...masyadong naexcite sa mga alumni na nakasalubong sa lobby after the screening :D I hope they'll still be selling the CD at CCP, or maybe they can also leave stocks sa Pisay mismo.

Luis K. said...

You're welcome, Dacs! :) Oo nga, parang homecoming nga dun sa CCP Lobby. Magulo at masaya. There was only one small table to the side selling the CDs, it was easy to miss. I wished they were selling those "Pisay" T-shirts too, but I guess those were just for the cast and crew.

Was there with my Pisay barkada and we saw a few more people from our batch too (I'm sure we would have run into even more if we had stayed a bit longer). I think our batch's attendance at the screening was actually better than our attendance at the last homecoming. ;p

- d a c s - said...

Hey yeah, I wanted the shirt, too!

I was with Menggai and some other bio people at CCP. Apat lang kaming '98 na nandun, dalawa pa sa amin teachers sa Pisay ngayon. Ewan ko ba sa batchmates ko, hehe.

PISAY-movie said...

Hello, Ma'am Dacs, and everyone: Will note the search for CDs and t-shirts. There were only 1,000 CDs and 100 shirts then. More to come. Mabuhay Pisay!

- d a c s - said...

^Yehey! Bring on the merch! Sana may screening din sa Pisay mismo maybe on the afternoon of this year's Homecoming (September 1).

Alumni abroad are also asking about a DVD release :)

Anonymous said...

I found it when I was doing the extra credit for English. ^^

~ Courtney

- d a c s - said...

Thanks a lot Courtney!

Glad the movie folks were able to settle the domain name.

Anonymous said...

Sure Ma'am Dacs, no problem ^_^

~ Courtney