Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On being gorgeous

Was waiting by the fountain at the Glorietta Activity Center one afternoon. Right across the nonfunctional fountain was a tall, broad-shouldered, handsome Caucasian guy with nice dreadlocks. He seemed to be waiting for someone, anxiously looking around every now and then. May ka-date ata. So everytime he'd come into view (he was kinda walking around, I was just sitting beside the fountain), sisilip ako.

Finally, my sis arrived, and I pointed out the Gorgeous Glorietta Guy to her, and to my dismay, his date apparently had already arrived.
And hello...napaisip ako kung date ba niya yun or friend lang niya? Hehehe.

Um, let's just put it this way. Nasayang ang beauty ni Gorgeous Glorietta Guy sa girlfriend niya. Malamang Filipina yung girl, kinda on the chubby side, and, I'm sorry to say this, not pretty at all.

I know this sounds (and it really is) judgemental. But it's just that...ang gwapo nung guy eh! Hehehe. Wala lang, feeling lang namin ng sis ko mang-lait :D Kapal namin, kala mo kung sinong mga beauty queens :D

Sige na, aminin, haven't you ever asked the question "How did a gorgeous specimen like that end up with a girl like her?" Promise, nakapagtataka. Yun na siguro yung tinatawag na "true love" o di kaya yung hilig ng mga dayuhan sa "exotic beauty" :P

- - - - -

So anyway, I naisip ko tuloy, ang hirap maging girlfriend (o asawa) ng napagwapong lalaki. Because people would always expect you to be on the same level of beauty as that of your partner (and of course, vice versa). Kung hindi, lalait-laitin ka lang parati, just like what my sis and I did this afternoon :D

Napepressure tuloy ako kay Drew
(Naks kabig hehehe. Baka magselos eh, kasi tumitingin ako sa ibang lalaki ). But yeah, I do feel the extra pressure of having to look good beside my good-looking boyfriend, because I know very well that people might see us and say "Yun yung girlfriend ni Andrew?!" (sabay they shake their heads, tsk tsk).

Though I must say I felt extra proud of Drew today. Haha, a past student of mine, asked me if the guy who picked me up from school last Wednesday was my boyfriend. Ang gwapo daw kasi. Hehehe. Palakpak tenga naman ako para sa mahal ko diba.

- - - - -

So di bale nang hindi kagandahan ang girlfriend ni Gorgeous Glorietta Guy, wala na tayong magagawa dun. Besides, di ko na rin siya makikita.

- - - - -

Also, I'd just like to announce that Drew and I...

...will be celebrating our 9th year together this coming September 28
Ay wait, hehe, wrong guy

My Basti

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