Friday, August 03, 2007

Tuloy ang ligaya

Oh no, wait, that's another band...Ehehehe...

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Hmmm...I guess mahal ko nga talaga OnL despite everything else, heehee. Because this statement (see below) makes me happy.

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Subject: An Official Statement/US Tour
Posted by: "thegardenfellow"
Wed Jul 25, 2007 2:37 pm (PST)

Dear Friends,

The recent ballyhooed misunderstanding between me and my band mates including No Seat Affair and Universal Records has yet to reach a conclusion.

I'm sorry if it took me a while to post anything official since I am still trying to assess the situation and settle our differences. Time is a very important element. I assure you that this is not a publicity

However, our scheduled performances in the United States will push through and I will be joining the band on stage once more which I hope will delight many of our fans in the West Coast.

Here are the tour schedules:

July 29 - East County Performing Arts, San Diego
August 4 - The Grove, Aneheim, Los Angeles
August 10 - Solitas Restaurant, San Francisco
August 11 - Plaza Hotel Ballroom, Las Vegas

We will be performing alongside MYMP.

Our album Moonlane Gardens is still available and I hope, despite of the dust-up, you and your friends/family will not deprive yourselves of that unique listening experience and pleasure one can only get from Orange & Lemons. After all we are only but human and we do make mistakes as well. Mistakes that are sometimes huge and there is nothing left to do but accept, pick ourselves up, learn from it and be a better person.

To end this I would like to share a few lines i wrote and read in the recording of our song "Tomorrow" from the album Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot:

"Look into the eyes of the Present
And anticipate the jollities and challenge tomorrow could bring.
The Past is unimportant
There will be time to recall
The enigmatic and beautiful process called Life
When you realize everything indeed do happen for a reason."

Much love and fervor,

Orange & Lemons

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