Saturday, November 24, 2007

Please support these fundraising activities for the PSHS Natatanging Guro Endowment Fund!

PSHS Natatanging Guro Endowment Fund

The PSHS Alumni Association and the PSHS Foundation have joined hands with the PSHS Class of 1982 to set up the Natatanging Guro Endowment Fund. They envision the fund (targeted at P100mn in 3 years) to generate income that would support awards for teaching excellence; provide grants for teachers to pursue masters' and doctoral studies; and facilitate faculty exchange programs with leading educational institutions globally, among others.

To raise the initial funding for the Natatanging Guro project, the PSHSAA, PSHS Foundation and PSHS Class of 1982 have launched two events, for which we would like to get your support:

Bravissimo! A Tribute to Excellence, a concert by the world-renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers, on December 18, 2007, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Ticket prices are available at:
Orchestra Center P 2,000 ($50 for US based)
Orchestra Left / Right P 1,500 ($37.5)
Balcony 1 Center P 750 ($18.75)
Balcony 1 Left / Right P 600 ($15)
Balcony 2 Center P 400 ($10)
Balcony 2 Left / Right P 300 ($7.5)

Even though you may not be able to attend in person, you can still demonstrate your support by purchasing 'Sponsor-a-Teacher' tickets.

Sponsor-A-Teacher ticket prices are valued at $50 (U.S. based) or PhP2000 (Philippine Based)

For inquiries or to purchase tickets, please contact:

For Philippine Based
Gerry Parco at +639209514350 /
Vicky Santos-Abraham at +639189432516 /
Chris Franco at +639172432307 /

For U.S. Based
Lenito Sinay at +15085662155 /
Liza Virata-Theimer at +12407885187 /
or login to for ordering online (US dollar prices)

Pisay Parol Christmas Lantern Sale.
You may purchase traditional Philippine Christmas parols for your homes or if you are US based, for your loved ones and friends back home. These are manufactured by craftsmen from Pampanga Province (parol sales are also in support of the provincial livelihood program for lahar victims), and various designs are available. The lanterns are available in four types:

Pisay Parol' /

'PISAY PAROL' (PhP 2,500) - Classic all white capiz (colored also available), large, 11 bulbs, dimensions: 31in diameter

LARGE (PhP 3,500) 2 modern designs available - SAMPAGUITA / STARS & COLORS - Multi-colored capiz native, large, 21 bulbs, dimensions: 34in diameter

SMALL (PhP 1,500) - Multi-colored capiz native, 11 bulbs, dimensions: 20in diameter

'MINI-PAROLS' (P 500) - Mini-parols, multi-colored, plastic casing, 11 bulbs, dimensions: 2½in diameter, ½ inch thick, great for the car!

For Philippine Based
These parols will be for sale during the Pisay Pasko program on 7th Dec at PSHS or please contact Marj, Loida, Ruther or Doods at +6326673690 (ordering and delivery w/in MM) or Adee Sipin at +639175595180 / (for inquiries on Pisay Parols and NG Fund)

For U.S. Based
Lenito Sinay at +15085662155 /
Liza Virata-Theimer at +12407885187 /
or login to for ordering online (US dollar prices)

For more details on the two fundraising events, please visit



PSHS Alumni Association

PSHS Foundation, Inc.

PSHS Class of 1982 and Co., Inc

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