Sunday, February 10, 2008

Goodbye, Heath =(

His name was Heath Andrew, and he was a mighty fine actor.

And he was too young to die.

- - - - -

I tortured myself tonight into finally mourning Heath's death; the time of his death was my hell week for this school year, I didn't even have time to let the sadness and loss sink in.

Popped in the DVD of The Patriot, and cried tonight away. Everytime I'd watch that movie (I think I've done so for about five or six times already), I'd fall in love with everyone - Mel Gibson, Jason Isaacs, Trevor Morgan, Heath Ledger. But tonight, it was all about Heath.

I remember I'd always gush about Heath to Andrew after watching The Patriot or 10 Things I Hate About You (the only Heath movies I've ever watched). Then Andrew would go, "Ba't ba crush mo yan, eh mukhang unggoy?" It was from Andrew that I learned of Heath's death. Drew texted me the morning of Wednesday that Heath was found lifeless in his SoHo apartment. In the confusion of that day, I could only afford a few minutes of sadness, and then work would get in the way.

Tonight, though, I really felt the loss. I know I've only watched two of his movies, but those two would forever be etched in my memory. This great actor from Australia would've gone so much further in his career, and in his new life as a dad, of which he was very proud and excited. But now, we just have to make do with thinking of what could've been.

I can't imagine how devastated his family is feeling right now, and of course Michelle Williams. It's awfully sad, too, that Matilda Rose will grow up without knowing her father. My heart always goes out to children who lose their parents so early in their life. It's especially sad for kids of the famous because everyone knew your dad (or mom), except you (think Frances Bean Cobain and Nico Blue Hoon).

I learned from Wikipedia a while ago that it was just yesterday (February 9) that Heath was finally laid to rest in Perth. They cremated his body. And for some reason, that little fact disturbed me. That beautiful face, reduced to ashes.

Heath, may you have finally found the peace you have been searching for. You will be missed.

- - - - -

I've read that Heath hated to be typecast as a teen heartthrob, but this was the movie that reeled me in, and this was my favorite scene. Besides, I'd like to end this on a happier note.

Goodbye, Heath.

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