Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's up, Dacs? :D

Busy busy busy.

And it's not gonna end anytime soon.

At least the next few days will be more or less stress-free :D And prayerful, I hope.

After Holy Week, though, lotsa things are gonna start kicking in: clearing students, having myself cleared, everyday Field Bio classes, prepping for Field bio fieldwork, prepping for Biota Convention in Isabela...

In the meantime, I've tried my best to update my photos and videos...now for a bit of blogging...itty-bitty updates, really...
  • Bio 1 with Batch 2010 is over. I wasn't able to take as much pics as I wanted to, but I guess I've taken a good enough bunch. Here's the last of them.

  • The Bio Unit is fun to be with because we have a lot of laughs and a lot of eats :D These pictures prove what I just said: Post-YMSAT Eat Out, Faculty-Admin Day

  • Feb and March was also spent attending a wedding and two birthdays. Haven't sorted out Mia's wedding pics yet, but here are snapshots from Sam's and Cherry's birthday blowouts.

  • Haven't been able to follow up on AI as much as I want to. I'm aware of what's been happening, but I haven't actually watched the performances :( Hopefully I can catch up this Holy Weekend.

  • Was able to attend a couple of gigs, which leads us to the next entry :)

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