Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home sweet home...but not for long

For me, summer vacation has just begun.

Attended the BIOTA Convention*** at Santiago, Isabela last April 10-12. Got home this morning (April 13) and faced the task of packing and preparing for Field Bio. In a few hours, I leave for Pisay to embark on 3 weeks of Field Biology with 20 Batch 2009 students, hopping from Candaba to Pinatubo to 100 Islands to Bolinao then finally Subic. When I get home from Field Bio, I'll have enough just enough time to launder some clothes for the Bio Unit planning, May 6-10. After that follows the out-of-town Faculty Training; the sked is yet to be finalized, but it was mentioned that for the Sciences it'll start May 12 and will last a week. Yowch...kamusta naman ang BAKASYON diba? :P

Anyways, I look forward to spending time all over Luzon with the hyper and fun FB kids, then a bit of R&R+work with the Bio folks, then maybe some more R&R+work with the rest of the faculty.

But that'll mean LOTS of time away from my family and from Andrew. I'm gonna miss our dog too, hehe. And of course, I'm gonna miss going online, which means that my email and Multiply, etc. accounts will be abandoned for most of the next 4 weeks. Good luck nalang sa Inbox pagbalik :P

After all this, I hope to bring back lots of great pics, fun memories, cool stories, and less pounds :D

So yeah, this is me, signing off (but not before one last blog about Toto :P). See ya!

***Congrats to Sir Guce and Ma'am Crisologo, BIOTA first-timers, for winning Best Workshop Presentation! And yeah, Sir Espinas and I, together with Ma'am Cheng and Sir Talaue, won Best Lecture Presentation ;)

Sir Guce and Ma'am Crisologo's workshop was on DNA fingerprinting; it included the short film featuring the '09 Field Bio kids :P

Our lecture, on the other hand, was about "Creating a Field Biology Program for Your School". Haha, we're really cashing in on this Field Bio thing :D

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