Monday, April 07, 2008

Who the hell is Chris Cornell?! (Or: Why rock and American Idol aren't the best of friends)

I'm part of the American Idol by Request Yahoogroup, primarily to access the weekly performance mp3s. When I have time, I actually scan the messages - comments about the performances, the performers, and everything else there is.

This thread was a real funny one because it highlights why rock kinda doesn't belong in this super pop culture of American Idol. Here's an excerpt. Enjoy!

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Original post:
_Click here: Chris Cornell defends 'Idol' contender David Cook | American Idol, Music, Music Biz | Hollywood Insider | EW.com_ (\

A replies:
What is there to defend?

And how can Chris Cornell's fans be furious? Does he have any?

My question is: Who is Chris Cornell?

Shouldn't one be famous before considering someone doing a remake of his song. It is Michael Jackson's until the one who remakes it is famous.

"I will always love you" is Dolly Parton's song and Whitney made it more famous. So people redoing that song would be compared to Whitney and not Dolly.

B tells A:

What sort of world do you live in? Just because you don't know someone doesn't mean they aren't famous in some way. Do you know every one who has ever had a hit record? Oh wait, of course you don't. you never heard of Chris Cornell. Do some research...

A replies to B:
I just don't think that Cornell's fans (all 3 of them) should be furious. They should be grateful as now he has publicity.

C replies to A:

Chris Cornell had a lot of fans actually. Have you ever heard of Soundgardon? Temple of the Dog? Audioslave?

I don't agree that his fans should be "furious" but what you just said was ignorant.

D replies to C:
Is Soundgarden any relation to "Savage Garden"? As I have a Savage Garden CD.

I don't know much that is not country these days.

E replies to D:

I think you've made a zillion rock fans groan all at once :)

F replies to A:

I am behind in my emails, but I just had to laugh when I read this. I can't believe you wrote this. Just because you don't expand your music horizons past a certain genre doesn't mean that everyone else is the same. Chris Cornell's music has been in some movies. It was in Collateral and Miami Vice for example. Haven't you ever heard of Black Hole Sun?! If you haven't I want to know what rock you've been living under. :o)

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Panalo! *rolls eyes*

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