Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome to another season of CSI NY!

Besides the fact that it stars Gary Sinise, whom I've loved since his Lt. Dan days, this CSI franchise rocks because it's so dark and creepy it's awesome! Watching tonight's Season 4 premiere (we're so delayed here in the Philippines!) gave me goosebumps - the CSI writers are getting more twisted than ever! Plus the witty lines add just the right amount of comedic relief right before the show scares you sh!tless again.

Lindsay's new hair suits her well. Danny and AJ look hotter, and Flack's smile during the opening credits is just wonderful. However, I kinda think Mac put on some weight from London? Hmmm. Also, the new mix of "Baba O' Riley" for the opening credits doesn't seem right...

Here's the "spray-on condom" scene from "Can You Hear Me Now (Season 4 Episode 1):

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