Monday, July 28, 2008

Feels like tonight...

Mamayang gabi na 'to!!!

Finally, I get to see the guy I was rooting for on American Idol Season 5.

Buti nalang perio, so I can be at Eastwood after lunch, soon as the exams are done. Will be my usual rocker-stalker self for the afternoon, before being joined by Andrew after his classes at Xavier. Hopefully I'll still get a chance to join the autograph signing session that my friend Anne told me about, or get a peek at the presscon that my friend Meg mentioned If not, then I'll just while away the time checking papers at some coffee shop with Daughtry on Ken the iPod. Naisip ko magpaparlor habang naghihintay pero poverty na pala ako so di bale nalang hehehe.

Anyways, expect some fangirly kwento and pics and maybe even vids by Wednesday. I do hope I get to sneak in Tomi the Cam.

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