Sunday, August 31, 2008


I really don't know what to say or what to feel.

I've been spoiled by small, intimate bar gigs, so it's always a disappointment for me if I can't see the performers.

But for gigs as big as the Eheads reunion (I believe that's the BIGGEST GIG I've ever been to), you're really there for the shared experience with all those people, especially with the group of friends you're going with.

And that's what made the whole gig a bummer for me - 95% of the time, Cherry and I were figuring out how to get back to our friends.

A bit past 8, I told Cherry we could make a quick getaway to buy drinks and food, since the stalls were just really near.

As soon as we got in line, the 10 minute countdown started. We gave up lining up for food and lined up for drinks instead, since the line was shorter.

Made our way back to the crowd but never found our way to our friends. Not until the second to the last song.

Then the 20 minute countdown was flashed, and my high school friends and I were excitedly talking about what songs would be part of the second set. Would they start with "Superproxy"? What would be their encore? We wanna hear Punk Zappa! Hehehe.

But then the countdown disappeared. And I guess that was when tragedy struck.

Later, Buddy came onstage to introduce himself, Raimund, and Markus. And Lally, Ely's sister. Lally read a statement, and the crowd listened intently. Ely was rushed to the hospital. Gig was over.

I'm really glad that the fans were very very understanding. No violent reactions of disappointment. Even leaving the venue wasn't a problem. Maybe we were all just shocked that Ely's health had failed him once again. I guess we were all just hoping that he'd be alright.

And of course, you can't help it, but at the back of your mind, you'd think - may part two kaya?

- - - - -

I won't lie, I'm very disappointed. But not because the gig was cut short. I really hate that I spoiled the moment by separating from our group just when the gig was about to start. Sapat na yung 15 songs eh, but I would have enjoyed it immensely if I weren't wondering where the hell our friends were in the crowd.

Buti na rin lang kasama ko si Cherry. I'd squeal to her every now and then when the band would start playing songs from our high school days. We cheered with pride when footage of UP was shown. We entered nostalgia mode when Hey Jay was played - that was from our dorm days when we were roommates!

Ang saya sana. Kung di lang kami nawalay. I was really looking forward to the next set because by then we'd found our friends. But that set was never to happen. Bummer.

- - - - -

To Ely, Raimund, Markus, and Buddy: MARAMING SALAMAT SA MUSIKA. Your music means SO MUCH to me, and to just about every one of those tens of thousands of fans and friends at the Bonifacio Global City Open Grounds last night. Thank you for playing for us one more time. Thank you for being part of our most treasured memories. Because of the Eheads, I'm glad and proud to have grown up in the 90's. Mabuhay ang Eraserheads!


Maylene said...

I totally feel you, hinahanap ko rin yung iba naming kasama during the last few songs. Hindi ko akalain na yun na yung last na maririnig ko sa gabing iyon. Nung nagkitakita na kami during the break, i was really looking forward sa next set.

- d a c s - said...

^Looking forward to the next set is the understatement of the year. Hehehe. Pero sulit na rin 1st set. Panalo. Panalong panalo :)