Thursday, August 28, 2008

HOMECOMING 2008: Message from the PSHS Alumni Association Chairman

Dear PSHS Alumnus/Alumna

September 6 is fast approaching!

Here are some compelling reasons why you should attend this year's homecoming:

1. We are uniting our alumni associations!

PSHSAA and PSHS National AA boards have already reached an agreement to mergeboth organizations and we need the resolution to be ratified by the General Assemblythrough a referendum.

As we mark the alumni’s 25th anniversary, it’s but fitting that we finally get to unite bothorganizations. It’s our hope that even if we become bigger in scope, the merged organizationbecomes more efficient, more relevant, and more responsive to the needs of the growing alumni and PSHS community.

We've already posted the rationale for merger and the proposed amendments to theconstitution in the PSHS homepage. Visit and click Alumni Corner/Alumni Forum button to read more about this proposal and for you to make an informed decision.

2. Witness the 6th Gawad Lagablab awarding ceremony!

For the first time, we're bringing the awards closer to the alumni by holding the ceremonyduring the homecoming. Gawad Lagablab being the awards for the alumni and by the alumni,the awards committee felt that the awards should be shared with and witnessed by a greater number of alumni.

A special Gawad Lagablab exhibit located at the gym entrance will also be opened prior to the ceremony.

You'll surely be inspired by the awardees' exceptional and exemplary accomplishments!

3. Take home exciting PSHS Alumni souvenir items!

Bring extra cash and take home an alumni shirt or two. Or how about a jacket or an umbrella for the rainy weather? You can also buy USB flash drives with that distinctive PSHS alumni logo and make an impression as you work on your reports in your laptop.

But we’re not about to spoil the fun with a tell-all.

Green fun, green surprises, and a green fashion show await us all!

Visit for other relevant information.

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you on September 6!

Mabuhay ang PSHS Alumni!

Butch Zaldarriaga, B80
Chairman-PSHS Alumni Association


To make the homecoming more orderly and more convenient for everyone,

Batch 83 and PSHS Alumni Association encourage you to pre-register online.

Visit PSHSAA homepage ( and click the pre-registration button.

For more information about the advantages of pre-registration, please read below a mini FAQ (frequently asked questions).

Important! Please read this first.

Why pre-register online?
When you pre-register online, your entry to the homecoming venue becomes a breeze through our specially-designate d Express Lanes.

Are there any fees or dues to be paid?
Yes. Please update your alumni dues based on the following published rates:
Batch 2003 and older: P500
Batch 2004 and younger: P300
Batch 2008 is free of charge.

How do I pay for my dues?
You may settle your alumni dues through:
(1)Direct payment at the Alumni Office. Call Kris at (63 2) 468-6717 for more information
(2) Check/cash deposit to the PSHS Alumni Association BPI checking account: 1991-8063-69.
Pls confirm by faxing deposit slip with your name and contact info to +63(2)9240655 c/o Kris
(3) Onsite payment on the day of the Homecoming.

What’s the advantage of pre-paying my dues on or before September 3, 2008?
By prepaying your alumni dues through either (1) direct payment or (2) check/cash deposit to PSHSAA account, you will receive an Express Pass via email for printing. Present your Express Pass at Express Lane/Prepaid counter to receive your food stub and raffle ticket. You’ll not only enjoy hassle-free entry, you also get free food and a chance to win raffle prizes!

What happens if I pre-register online but pay my dues onsite?
If you prefer to pay onsite, settle them at Express Lane/Unpaid counter. You may buy your food and beverage at any of our accredited concessionaires inside the venue.

What if I ignore pre-registration altogether?
You may fall in line at the onsite registration counter. Fill-up a form and pay your dues. You may buy your food and beverage at any of our accredited concessionaires inside the venue.

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