Monday, August 18, 2008

PSHS Alumni Sports Family Day 2008

August 25, 2008 at the Celebrity Sports Plaza
Organized by the 2008 PSHS Alumni Homecoming Batches

9:00 am – 4:00 p.m. - Badminton Games
9:00 am – 12:00 nn - Bowling
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm - Basketball Championship

Bring your family for some fun! Get a chance to compete with other alumni and their family members… while getting some chika time. :)

SEND E-MAIL TO: stating name/s and batch.

Fees will be collected on the tournament date.


Tournament Fee: P300 per team
Tournament Time: 9am – 4pm
Tournament Format: Double Knockout System


* Types of Matches:

1. Men’s Doubles
2. Ladies’ Doubles
3. Mixed Doubles

* Only PSHS alumni, alumni spouses and children are allowed to play, but each team must have at least one (1) PSHS alumnus.

* Each team will have a minimum of two (2) matches. A random number will be assigned to each team, then the teams will be grouped into brackets of four teams each. Each bracket shall have a round-robin game, but two losses will mean elimination from the competition.

* Winners of each bracket will be assigned random numbers again and each odd-numbered team shall be matched with the succeeding even-numbered team. After each round, all teams who have had two losses will be eliminated, and the same process of elimination will be played again.

* The last four remaining teams will play in a round-robin game. The team with the most games won will be proclaimed as the champion. In case of three-way tie, another round-robin game will be played by the three teams. If a double tie occurs, a sudden death game will be played.

* Each doubles game will be best-of-3 sets.

* The 21-point rally system will be in effect.

* A toss-coin to determine if a team will elect for first service or court choice will be done at the start of each game.


* Trophies for Champion & 1st Runner-up per Category
* Special award for team with no dropped game.


Tournament Fee: P100.00 / game
Tournament Time: 9am –12nn.

* Only PSHS Alumni or Students (any campus) may join.
* Exercise bowling courtesy at all times.
* No two players on adjacent lanes shall bowl at the same.
* Player on the left gives way to the Player on the right.
* Observe silence when a player on the opposing Team is ready to play.
* The Foul Line shall not be activated.
* No handicapping since we have no historical record.
* Minimum score for men shall be 70.
* Minimum score for women shall be 50.
* Individual Competition: The top two bowlers for men, and the top two bowlers for women shall have a championship round each.
* Team Competition: As many batchmates can play on a team but only the Top 3 scores will count which must include at least one woman’s score. A Team that cannot complete the required number of players will not be qualified for the team competition.
* Scoring system: Individual scores/ pinfalls shall be added to determine the Team score.
* The Team with the highest pinfall shall be declared the Champion, with the next highest as 1st Runner-up, and the next as 2nd Runner-up.
* In case of a tie, an additional Frame shall be played by the two Teams. The Team with the higher score shall be declared the Champion. Additional frames shall be played as necessary to determine the Champion.
* Trophies for Male and Female Top Scorers, and for Team Champion

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