Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Updates on Ely Buendia, the Eraserheads reunion gig

Dahil bawal na mag-Multiply dito sa trabaho (office hours na kasi, hehe), dito ko na muna ilalagay itong mga balitang ito.

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Ely ligtas na sa peligro
Ni Cristy Fermin
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lots of details about Ely at the hospital, and Ely right after the 1st set of the reunion gig. Nalungkot naman ako nung nabasa ko 'to: "...ayon sa aming pamangkin ay wala siyang [si Ely] malay nang dumating sa emergency room."Nakakaawa yung anak niya, iyak nang iyak, yung wife niya naman, hindi malaman ang gagawin."

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Ely Buendia gets better after angioplasty
Manila Bulletin Online

More on Ely and Eon: "But what was really heartbreaking to see was his son Eon crying beside his dad while at the Makati Med emergency room. "When he asked his Dad what was happening to him, I saw Ely really go out of his way to give his son a smile and assured him that he is fine and that he just needed to rest a little bit," Day said citing the fact that the father and son are so close."

And about the reunion gig: "He told us that although the guys were sort of "uncomfortable" around each other during the very first meeting, that feeling vanished totally when the rehearsals proceeded. They had gimmicks for some of those songs. The band had a fun time doing video recordings to complement some of the songs. Too bad, the public didn’t get to see that last Saturday," we were told."

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Raimund's word on the "saGuijo set" post-reunion gig: SKATE OR DIE (on Yahoogroups, pwede niyo rin hanapin sa Multiply kung di kayo member ng Subsandwich)

Excerpts (...really just bits and pieces. Read the whole post!):

i dont usually rant but ive been hearing reports about people questioning why we played saguijo after the concert...

here's what you dont understand. playing music is what we do...we played saguijo because we wanted to, we needed to. our hearts andsouls dictated it. we could just go home and sleep. we did not talk about it. there was no invites there was no plan. we did not get paid. we borrowed equipment...

if we finished the eheads show that night you would STILL have found us in guijo playing after.

yes i visited ely in the hospital yesterday. i hope he recovers soon. we have a show to finish.

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