Monday, September 01, 2008

Was it me or did Ely smile...

...when the audience fumbled with the lyrics of Fruitcake?

Ely: Take a bite...(cues the audience to sing)
Audience:'s alright...(mumble mumble mumble)

Tapos feeling ko natawa si Ely kasi parang nakita ko siyang ngumiti. Siyempre sa big screen ko nakita yun kasi I hardly saw the Eheads during the Eheads concert. Kainis. Hehe.

Sorry, this is my nth Eheads post, and I can't stop talking about them because I'm such an Eheads fangirl - the band's name is in my high school yearbook writeup, and I even declared myself the future Mrs. Ely Buendia.

Another crappy thing about the gig: I was without my camera for almost the whole night (see previous posts). And those who know me know I'm obsessed with taking gig pics. I know I was FAAAR from the stage, but Tomi the Cam is all-powerful and almighty - kaya niya yun! But no. I had to settle for frantically texting my friends, "May camera sa bag ko, gamitin niyo pleeease!" (Salamat pala, Jam!) Oh, and by the way, Globe signal was extra crappy that night, too. Hirap magsend o tumawag kahit na full bars.

So yeah, enough ranting. More on the good stuff about the gig... 15 awesome things about the Eraserheads Reunion Concert:

1. Alapaap - iniyakan ko 'to nung high school dahil sa intrigang backmasking

2. Ligaya - I remember hearing this on the school bus radio one grade school afternoon

3. Sembreak - love ko 'to kahit walang sembreak dati sa Pisay
4. Hey Jay - si Cherry naaalala ko dito (you made a comment on this song one night at the dorm)
5. Harana - crush ko si Ely (more than the usual) sa vid nito

6. Fruitcake - because of this video, naging fan ako ng Abba

7. Toyang - naisip ko kagabi, nasa audience kaya si Una at Toyang?

8. Kama Supra - kept trying to figure out what "malupit na unan" meant
9. Kailan - Manhid!

10. Huwag Kang Matakot - this is such an awww song
11. Kaliwete - I remember trying to figure out the lyrics of this song back then

12. With A Smile - classic!
13. Shake Yer Head - performed this during my last ever class in Pisay (English 4, Ma'am Oble!)

14. Huwag Mo Nang Itanong - love the metaphors in this song

15. Lightyears - Wonderful. Beautiful. I clapped with glee and stood transfixed at the projector screen near the hotdog stand when this started.

They say high school is the best time of your life. I totally agree. Because of Pisay. Because of my friends in Pisay. Because the Eraserheads provided the soundtrack to my Pisay days.

Oh, wait, four more awesome things about the Eraserheads Reunion Concert:

1. Buddy
2. Marcus

3. Raimund

4. Ely

No wait, one more awesome thing about the Eraserheads Reunion Concert:

1. Seeing Buddy, Marcus, Raimund, and Ely together onstage once again.

Yun yun eh.


Lara said...

yup tumawa po siya, i saw it. :D

i'm lara pala (ivan's sis. hmm, yes i stalk his friends' blogs hahaha. sshhh don't tell him!). couldn't resist commenting kasi, well, eheads e!

- d a c s - said...

^Haha :) Well it was nice to see a smile on Ely's face :)