Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nalulunod, nalulula

I think this is going to be a sleepless week night, as usual.

I've been up all night juggling so much STDs ('s a Bio Unit term I've grown fond of, hehehe).

November is gonna be hell for me. It excites me, but it also scares me, because there's sooo much responsibility on my shoulders for this month. Check it out:

1. The third quarter. Another round of plant lessons. Of course I've got my prepared lessons from the past years. But it's always a challenge during this time of the year because, face it, not much people are interested, as in REALLY interested, in plants, right? So I have to think up gimmicks for my lectures. And sometimes creativity just fails me.

2. November 8, card giving. I have to collate my students' grades (although Ebased should do that fine for me), and follow up with them and their parents regarding their 2nd quarter performance. I admit I haven't been as attentive as I should be as an adviser.

3. November 15, Pisay entrance exam. I'll be chief examiner in Palawan As much as I'm excited to go to Palawan for the first time, I'm not *that* excited because (1) I'll be all by my lonesome, and (2) leaving Manila is really not a very good idea since I'm very busy planning for #s 4 and 5...

4. November 21-24, Asian Association of Biology Educators 22nd Biennial Conference in Osaka, Japan. I'll be presenting a poster on the Pisay field bio program, while my coteachers Nino, Sir Fred, and Ma'am Jess will also be having their own presentations. I haven't started on the poster yet, and I still need to follow up my travel clearance with DOST-SEI and the Bureau of Immigration. Us four have yet to apply for our visas. And the biggest hurdle yet: we don't have enough funds yet to go to Japan We've been soliciting from several organizations/institutions/companies already, but so far we haven't had adequate positive responses. Plane fare alone is a fortune. I do hope we still get to go, though. I haven't been out of the country since birth.

5. November 28-29, Pisay fair. Every year, the fair is the MOST TOXIC time for me, because SAMAPI handles two very important fair events - the battle of the bands and the fair gig. So far, things are all falling into place, except for the sponsors - we don't have any yet. I don't have the energy right now to give all the details of these events, but you'll definitely hear about them here very soon. For now, let me just say that we have twenty bands who are playing for free so that that we can raise funds for the renovation of our faculty center that got burned last September 30

And once all these November things are done, I have to move on to planning for the
YMSAT (January 2009, but invites are due soon) and field bio (April 2009, but recruiting starts around this time of the year).

And then, every once in a while, to take my mind off all this planning schmanning, I plan for something else -
my big day with Andrew

Dapat ata pati ako sinama sa 'stress test' ng SHB. Hehehe.

Pagkatapos ng school year na 'to, may matitira pa kaya akong lakas para magbakasyon?

Oh well. Talking about all that was sort of a good stress release. I know what my next entry will be...things that keep me sane nowadays

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