Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From Philstar.com: The truth about Ely and Diane

I don't know what to make of this news. I've read the blind item before, and Ely and Diane did indeed come to mind. And as much as Ely is one of my most major crushes since high school, it's still sad to know of one more broken family.

So, did I read the article right? Ely and Diane have broken up, but are keeping their professional relationship going? Isn't that, like, hard? And why now? Isn't this still a time when Ely's heart is healing, literally and figuratively?



jaemark said...

wait, tsismis...

actually the first time i heard that they were broken up was back in june/july, when rumors of an eheads reunion were swirling. heard it from a friend who was college friends with diane. so it's not a new development.

when you do look at the interviews following the concert, diane was always referred to as the manager of ely, never the wife.

Anonymous said...

i heard from ely's friends that it has been over for quite some time... she was never referred as his wife 'cause she can never be his wife. he was previously married to victoria "toyang" and their marriage was never nullified.. i guess this was bound to happen... she was once the other woman before..