Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Remembering Mike Francis (1961-2009)

I remember watching Mike Francis at Glorietta sometime 2004 or 2005. Even though I was alone then and I didn't really grow up to his music, I pretty much enjoyed the gig. He had some of the coolest laid back tunes of the 80's. It was only today that I was made aware that he wasn't really that famous outside of Italy and Manila. Glad we got to enjoy his music, though.

Rest in peace, Francesco Puccioni.

Listen to some of Mike Francis' songs at my Multiply.

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80s pop icon Mike Francis dead
By Gerry Plaza
First Posted 03:41:00 02/02/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Mike Francis, international pop sensation in the 1980s passed away Friday due to a lingering illness. He was 47.

The Florence-born Francis, or Francesco Puccioni, had been particularly a favorite in Manila with his name figuring in the top acts during the heydays of electronic pop from 1985-1987, with such hits as “Friends” with Ami Stewart, “Survivor” with Belen Thomas, and his stirring solo “Let Me In.”

His only live album, “Mike Francis Live in Manila” that featured his highly successful 1989 gig at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium, proves how his music was well-received in the country.

A greatest hits compilation, “The Very Best of Mike Francis” featuring a mix of his Italian and English hits, was released seven days before his death in Italy.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I was also there at Mike Francis' concert at Glorietta. That was the 3rd concert of his that I watched since he first performed sometime in 1989.

He was one of my favorites as his songs were during my era of discos in the 80s.

Thank you very much for writing about him.

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,
i am Tony, from Italy.
i was taking a look all around internet, reading about our common friend Mike Francis and i was so glad to find your website from far Philippines.
i hope to give an helping hand giving you also the address of mike francis official fun club
english version is available.
After his death, many italians started to sign the Francesco Guestbook:

i hope you will publish address on your website, so to help other english spoken friends of MIKE FRANCIS to do the same.....
Many thanks to you,so italian guys can be sure that our Francesco was loved not only in Italy, but all around the world.
Thanks again