Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Peryodiko Album Launch and Bar Tour

From Sammy Samaniego, Peryodiko's manager:

Evolving from that need to quantify life comes Vin Dancel, Simon Tan , Kakoy Legaspi, and Abe Billano, collectively known as Peryodiko.

Like the band’s namesake, Peryodiko takes upon itself to observe the things that come and go. It tasks itself with the witnessing of truths and communicating of lessons that can be learned from our experiences. The difference is Dancel, and company, infuses the written word of paper journals with the soul and feel that only good music can bring.

Peryodiko is moving and melodic with the lightness of a touch that is as alternative as it is sensibly musical. Vin Dancel, lead vocalist and primary song writer, hails from the defunct Twisted Halo. Letting go of the angst of his former band, Dancel has morphed from being a maker of statements, to a teller of stories. He lends a gentler tone to profound messages and tales, with melodies reminiscent of U2, The Beatles, and Filipino greats like Joey Ayala, Apo Hiking Society, Yano, and The Eraserheads. And though these influences clearly mark their legacy in his compositions, Dancel definitively writes music that is uniquely his own.

Lending articulation to Peryodiko’s song writing prowess is respected Jazz bassist, Simon Tan as the band’s musical director. Adding flare and flavor into the mix is the gutsy lead guitar of Kakoy Legaspi, previously a member of Rivermaya and later on, Barbie’s Cradle. Former drummer of Dong Abay and Twisted Halo, Abe Billano provides impeccable beat-keeping and youthful energy to this formidable rhythm section.

Now, more than ever, this band is certainly on track and raring to take on the local scene with their self-titled and independently produced debut album. Peryodiko, the album contains 11 OPM tracks that can easily get anyone into the groove with the comfortable melodies of each song. Peryodiko is distinct. It derives its music from the things that mold us in our daily life. There is a fusion of intellect and good music at play with this group. The combination is then grounded to life, to which we can all relate. That is Peryodiko, in its conception and its reality.

On March 6, 2009, 8:00PM at the Eastwood City Central Plaza, Peryodiko launches its self-titled debut album with special guest performance by Nicole & Carlo and hosted by Boboy Garrovillo. After which, the band is set for an album bar tour within Metro Manila.

March 11 - Magnet Boni High Street with Nicole & Carlo and Sandwich
March 13 - Al's Bar, BF Paranaque presented by One Big Family
March 18 - Saguijo Bar, Makati presented by Admit One
March 27 - Magnet Boni High Street presented by Splinter
March 28 - RJ Bar, Makati presented by RJ Underground

Peryodiko's album will only be available during their shows.

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