Thursday, July 09, 2009

Never Can Say Goodbye, Michael...

I didn't even know this was a Jackson 5 song. I think I'm more familiar with the Gloria Gaynor version. Anyways...

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This morning's public memorial for Michael Jackson was one of the most touching events I've ever witnessed. Truly something befitting the King of Pop.

There were all these superstars paying tribute to who Berry Gordy of Motown called "the greatest entertainer that ever lived". There were all these common folks who simply wanted to pay their last respects to the King of Pop. But what really mattered was that there was this family grieving over the loss of their father, brother, and son - and they had the whole world to not only grieve with them, but, more importantly, to celebrate his short life with them.

Usher's "Gone Too Soon" was the most touching performance. You could feel his sorrow as he approached the casket of his idol and ended his song with a heartfelt sigh.

Brooke Shields' tribute was the most sincere, and the most candid. In that short span of time, we got to know Michael as very few people did. You could see by the way she shook and held back her tears that she was very distressed about the passing of a dear friend.

I love this shot. It's like Michael was showing the world his dear Brooke.

But it was Paris Jackson who had the most heartbreaking moment. There's nothing as painful as losing a parent. She was very brave to come forward and give her little tribute to dad. Too bad though because they keep playing it over and over now on TV; it takes away the solemnity of the moment.

It was all so bittersweet. Where was all this love when Michael needed it the most?

Rest in peace now, Michael. Like Marlon said, maybe they'll leave you alone now.

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P.S. Brooke Shields is still so beautiful. And Blanket Jackson is such a cute 7-year-old, what with the long black ponytail and the gum-chewing.

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