Thursday, October 01, 2009

Storm gone, storm coming...

Let's hope this one doesn't change course to affect the same areas devastated by Ondoy...Watch out for it at PAGASA's website...

From 'Pepeng' gains strength as it moves towards northern Luzon

In other news:

World pours aid into the Philippines - WFTW!
No debate: Deluge due to climate change - they're playing the climate change/global warming card now
One toilet for 3,000 survivors at Cainta evacuation center - hindi pa tapos ang paghihirap nila :(
Cops deployed to stop looters - did you know that someone actually fished out Andrew's spare tire when he fled to higher ground and left his FX stalled and submerged in the SLEX river last Saturday? >_< Ketsana death toll exceeds 300 - reports from all over SE Asia; 246 niyan sa atin :(

Red Cross: Indonesia quake death toll reaches 75 - I initially thought this was the same quake that affected Samoa...
American Samoans pull together after quake, tsunami - sa atin baha, sa kanila tsunami; I therefore conclude - water is deadly! That's why I fear it so....

CNN's caption:
A damaged boat washed up inside a building in Pago Pago, American Samoa.

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